anonymous asked:

nameand tag your favorite simblrs and send to them!

Yes! I have been waiting to get one of these for ages

1. GDsims

2. sheepsims3

3. foolish-traumer42

4. simsinmadness

5. xlovekstewx

6. onwednesdayswewearpixels

7. glumbobs

8. adriannecarroll

9. thatdottysimblr

10. canadiangirl8787

11. amethystsims

12. subpoint

13. grimhatesdeathflowers

There are so many more simblrs that I love though I wish I could keep on going and goingg agrhgrhrghfg


I was your Easter bunny gdsims!!
As you can see i made 2 simmer & a couple pose with pose list. 
It’s my very first pose i ever have made, so be aware that it’s not perfect.
All the cc should be in the download, but if something missing please tell me. And she was so nice to let it be public so enjoy :3


TOU: Please don’t reupload or claim as your own. All credit goes to where credit is duo. And i would love to be tagged, but no need.