Sims blogs to follow/shoutouts/faves PART 1

I want to say this out loud but it really annoys me when people complain their dash is empty. There’s so many simblrs out there to follow who post every day! Not everyone posts edited photos, some put up content, do streams/videos, tutorials, have projects, every day story telling and so on. This post will be divided in many parts because i cannot put too many links on a tumblr post. If you don’t want to see this post simply block the tag #simfollow

Don’t forget something! You all start from the bottom so (picture) quality isn’t always what should define your simblr :P

This is why i’ll be doing a kind of follow forever thing with so so many blogs you can follow! This list is not in order by any way and if i miss out anyone i will simply update it. Also to mention, these categories are made up by me and criteria does not certainly define the person’t blog. It’s just a small organization plan i made for them so you can browse them easier.

These people are supposedly active as i see while browsing through my follower list. Also they are mixed between sims 2 3 and 4 but mostly s3 simmers. They usually post sims related stuff as i barely see personal/inspo stuff on my dash :p There will be multiple parts since i follow about 1k people so!

I really hope after making these type of posts that i won’t see people complaining about their dash being empty as i am going to make as many parts of these as i can ^_^

Also please feel free to check out ALL of my masterposts HERE and if you feel like i’m missing out on any feel free to suggest me ideas for new masterposts!

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I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately.
And I’m sorry.

But I want to thank all of you who have stayed with me through all of this, and to my biggest fans of the moment, you’re fucking awesome. <3

To all my followers that have been around for 2 years, or just for a really long time, thanks for supporting me and boosting my confidence.
And for those of you who have recently joined my steadily growing tumblr army, welcome. And I hope you’re prepared for the fuckery that goes on here.

I love all of you, and thank you so much for sticking around.
SO. Enough of my sappy shit. But It’s about time I did another follow forever. ;) 

Not alphabetized, cause I’m a lazy bitch, and in no particular order…
I love you all.

puddlypudd, dragonpyromania, toys-of-dukeness, itskittygamersweetheart, serindeppity, stormysims, simply-one-hell-of-a-simblr, woohoo-juice-simoleons, woohootycall, pixelswirl, medleymisty, ooobsooo, easysimoleons, ngsims3, violetmoonsims, lillysims, leahlillith, simblroonies, oblivionsouls, alayaya-simblr, 109-sims, 77rachel, the77sim3, andromedasims, autumnsalads, b0nehilda, brntwaffles, beaverhausenx, berrysweetshoppe, riskywoohoo, gimmieyourriskywoohoo, baptsim, beautifullybroken0011, bellesgrotto, captainsimerica, claudeharpemakessims, cobrasimship, crumplebutts, ctrlshift-sims, exorcisim, daahlingsims, darkfridaysims, dat-one-simblr, davidmont, deggdegg, depictingdrew, francythatsims, freckledfemlock, envysims, fallynraiyn, leithdrew, lyrea, fanaskher, fleurdeprairie, gdsims, goatkibble, greenplumbboblover, i-like-teh-sims, circasim, iamwasabichi, jinglestartk, icookieday, icrvesims, jivong, joes-stuff, just-a-dash-of-sarcasm, kelloggsspecialk, kk-sims, lacelotpixelhearts, liegt, lilinabe, lilmisslau, linkalie, littlemsim, missfortunesims, llama-in-space, lyrea, magsbe, mckatsims, megusims, mochasims, monets-pixels, neptunesims, darkosims3, simsgonewrong, nernershuman, gigasims, wickedsims, nigalkins, nisukiye, noelyely, noiranddarksims, eroticsim, ohmysim, once-upon-a-woohoo, oritasho, sadisticsongbird, pibsims, pixeljackpot, plumb-barb, plumbionic, remysims, riskywoohoo, roseoftheoakmoonsims, s-imicidal, sevelii, shipofsims, silumeo, simlishlegacy, tumblinrob, duct-taped-sims, simicidal, pocketfulofpixels, tosimornottosim, chloelikesthesims, hntreyes, fortheloveofsims, deathbycowplant, stupidfuckingsims, lollimadness, plumbob-wonderland, simblraaaaaagghhhh, alittlepixelofheaven, woohoodlums, lynekosims, socialjusticesimblr, littlechubbysims, melanieselestasims, @simmingbeauty, dawnsims, simsl3gacies, mitsukirina

I know I forgot so many.
But I’ll probably go back and add more later. xD
Love you guys. <3

anonymous asked:

nameand tag your favorite simblrs and send to them!

Yes! I have been waiting to get one of these for ages

1. GDsims

2. sheepsims3

3. foolish-traumer42

4. simsinmadness

5. xlovekstewx

6. onwednesdayswewearpixels

7. glumbobs

8. adriannecarroll

9. thatdottysimblr

10. canadiangirl8787

11. amethystsims

12. subpoint

13. grimhatesdeathflowers

There are so many more simblrs that I love though I wish I could keep on going and goingg agrhgrhrghfg