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Studying for long important exams like the DAT (me (’: ), the MCAT, or even the SAT/ACT requires a lot of time budgeting! Today I was scheduling DAT studying for the next 20 days, and I realized that a progress percentage chart would be really useful  for me because it would allow me to plan goals such as “finish a 1084-page review book” or “watch 46 chemistry videos from the video playlist” long-term! It’s hard to put long arduous tasks like these onto a daily or even weekly schedule - for me, they seem to work better when measured by %-finished.

I made this to use for myself this morning, and then realized that it might be useful for some of you out there, too! So I’ve uploaded it to google drive so you all can use it if it will be helpful in your studies. They come in blue, pink, yellow, and grayscale (for black-and-white printing): >>DOWNLOAD HERE<<

EDIT: I’ve gotten a suggestion from a very nice anon to make the background white so the printable does not use as much ink when printed in color! >>HERE<< is the link the white-background version on GDrive :)

To use this chart, I filled out specific goals on the left hand column and colored in the progress bar in the right in accordance with the percentage of the task or goal I had finished. I also marked dates next to the progress bar so I knew when I should have finished 50%, or 75%, or 100% of a task, etc. Here’s a pic of how I used it:

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Sound Good Feels Good Downloads

Airplanes Download

Broken Home Download 

Castaway Download

Catch Fire Download

Invisible Download

Permanent Vacation Download

San Francisco Download

Vapor Download

Waste The Night Download

Outer Spaces.Carry On Download

I’ve only put up the songs that I didn’t think many people had.

This is on Google Drive, so after you click on the links and the new tab opens there’s a download button at the top. And voila, you have the new songs on your device.

[Tsukista. LUNATIC LIVE]

I’ve uploaded a rip of Tsukista’s LUNATIC LIVE main event on GDrive!

Feel free to download, but please don’t reupload. I’ll take this down if I see that happening.  If someone asks for the link, please refer them to this post instead of sharing it to elsewhere.

If all goes well, I’m planning on uploading other Tsukista-material later on, just let me know if you’re interested!  ✨

Update: PM me for the link.

[Tsukista. Yumemigusa: Tsuki no Sho]

I’ve uploaded a rip of second Tsukiuta-stageplay Yumemigusa’s Tsuki no Sho-version on GDrive! 

It’s the version of the play that focuses more on Procellarum and has You and Yoru as the main pair.

I tell you to prepare yourself both laugh and cry.  ✨

Update: PM me for the link.

Feel free to download, but please don’t reupload. I’ll take this down along with the Lunatic Live -file if I see that happening. If someone asks for the link, please refer them to this post instead of sharing it to elsewhere.  Posting screencaps is of course okay. I will upload the live concert part later.

Please enjoy! 

anonymous asked:

Salut! The gdrive and mega don't work for me... Is there a way to download the episodes? And thank you so much for everything you do!!!!! You are amazing people!! Merci beaucoup!

Bonjour anon!


The Spreadsheet is back and we have a few episodes now available for download, due to the limit of time we currently only have .zip files and hardsub .mp4.

You can find the new spreadsheet here

We also have a new blog (as Zag now follow this one…) which you can find here!

Yuri on Stage (rip from bilibili video)

Download or stream on Gdrive here

NOTE: This is simply a rip from the bilibili video upload I linked in the ask and thus is at 360p. I will rip the dvd myself when it gets to me next week to see if there’s a higher video quality.


I’ve uploaded a rip of second Tsukiuta-stageplay Yumemigusa’s Sakura no Sho-version on GDrive!
It’s the version of the play that focuses more on Six Gravity and has Aoi and Arata as the main pair.

Just as with Tsuki one, I tell you to prepare yourself both laugh and cry. >Update: PM me for the link.

Feel free to download, but please don’t reupload.

If someone asks for the link, please refer them to this post instead of sharing it to elsewhere. 

 Posting screencaps is of course okay. 

Would you like to see the live part of this version too? It has the same setlist than Tsuki no Sho though.

As people have respected the rules, I’ve made the watermark smaller this time. Please enjoy this, I have some more surprises in store for you this week.  💖

anonymous asked:

hello, the gdrive link for the skit isn't working anymore since the download limit has exceeded :(( is it possible for you to upload the skit on a different platform?? thank you so much!!

okay, done!! also, i’ve uploaded the mp3 version of the songs here @ the anon that was asking for them, i hope it works!

here’s the link

anonymous asked:

Thankyou for uploading the concert gurl😘😘 ilysm😍😍 But do you thing they will take it down? I want to watch it but i can't do it right now and I'm afraid that it will be gone later😩😩

probably but i’ll put all of them on gdrive to download all at once

edit: here


fall back into place (a star trek mix)

for spock, on his quest for balance, clarity, & belonging in the space between two worlds.

listen: spotify | playmoss || download: gdrive

kirk mix: someday is calling my name

other mixes

The Woes of Floor-Don Perry

Pairing: Laura/Carmilla

Summary: Perry has a very serious floor-don talk with Laura and Carmilla. (Post episode 36.) 

Words: 1240

Notes: I’m supposed to be working on Yuletide, but curtain fic, you guys. Fluffy. Curtain. Fic. So yes. Here is pointless, fluffy, dumb curtain fic.


“I think we all remember the Roommate Agreement from the start of the year, yes?” 

"I remember that it was more than thirty pages. And that it made an incredibly satisfying sound when it hit the bottom of the garbage bin.” 

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Over a year ago I wrote this fic as prompt back when I was in thestoriesoftheseven, since then I have left the group, but I like to think I have grown as a writer, so when I accidentally opened this fic by accident on my gdrive, I decided to rewrite and edit it and post it again, so here we go, dedicated to @cindersart because she is the queen of Jaspier and to @son-of-rome because the world needs more fluff instead of angst and to @shanlightyear because she deserves it. I didn’t have my beta to edit it, because I really wanted to post, so here we go.

Watch out with the cream’ Those letters have been on Jason’s wrist since the moment he turned sixteen, those were going to be the first words his soulmate will ever tell him. He wasn’t sure how he felt about it, would he take cooking classes and be a horrible cooker who doesn’t know how to add cream to the food? Was it another type of cream? He had been thinking about it for the last four years, since the moment he first read the words on his left wrist, (at least he knows something about his soulmate, they are lefties), it was the only thought that never left his mind. If he was being honest, he wasn’t on a rush to meet his other half, he was still young, he was still in college, he felt okay being alone; The idea that one way he would meet someone who would change his life forever made him uneasy. Don’t get him wrong, he wanted that, but just because he wanted it, it didn’t mean he needed it. At least not in this moment.

It was weird thinking that one day someone will tell him those words and his life would never be the same. He sometimes wished he had the same luck that his cousin Percy had, Percy’s soulmate was his best and their childhood friend, Annabeth. For people like Percy and Annabeth, who had met their soulmate before turning 16, the age you got your soulmate tattoo, the tattoo worked different, instead of the first thing your soulmate tells you, your soulmate names appears. He remembered seeing the relief of Percy and Annabeth’s face when Perseus Jackson appeared on her wrist and he will never forget their smiles of pure happiness when her name appeared on his. Jason had wanted that, the opportunity to meet his soulmate before realizing they were made for the other. He had wanted a name, not some words, what if he, for some reason, missed his soulmate talking to him and spent the rest of his life looking for someone he already met?

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Game of Thrones Season 1 and 2 on Google Drive


I uploaded GoT Season 1 and 2 onto my Google Drive for a friend, so I figured I’d share it with you lot too! You can either watch the episodes on the links, or download the episodes by pressing the little arrow at the top left. Enjoy! And please let me know if any of the links don’t work! Episodes are under the Read More.

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