The amount of swag in this video is insane. GD is bae ❤️


SEUNGRI: “Two bowls of soybean paste noodles (Jajangmyeon) please~! Welcome!!”

“I recalled since 10 years ago… I spent half of my life with my members, fans and staff. I am thankful for the past precious 10 years. Today is such an exciting day #vip #0to10 #ILoveYou”

“See you in a while^^ The weather is hot today so please drink more water and hydrate yourself. Let’s get crazy and enjoy together.”

“Anniversary.. Congratulations ^^ 🎊 And many more in the future #0to10″

#0to10 concert in Korea Seoul🇰🇷 D-6″

“Bigbang 10 Anniversary #0to10 Concert in SEOUL 🇰🇷 D - 7″

Translated by: bb.translation@instagram

Drabbles - 48

We’ve become the clingy couple you used to complain about.”  G-Dragon

“Jiyong, are you going to Seungri’s party?” Youngbae asks as he leans against the kitchen counter, lazily snacking on the cheese and cracker plate you’d put out as an appetizer while the two of you made dinner. 

“Aish, I’d forgotten about that…” Jiyong curses as he cooks pork strips on the grill. “Babe….”

“No,” you answer immediately, your eyes trained carefully on the soup bubbling on the stove. “I learned my lesson at his New Year’s party.”

He presses closer to you and nuzzles his nose along your neck, grinning when you shrink away. “But I don’t want to go without you,” he whines. “Just this one party and you don’t have to go to any of the rest. Seunghyun-hyung’s included.”

“Jiyong….” You try to turn your face away, a blush burning on your cheeks. That look melts you just as easily as it did when you first started dating him. “Why do you have to go? Can’t we just say we have plans?”

“It’s the anniversary of his first solo album, and he’s already told the company that I would be there. YG wants me there to make sure he doesn’t cause the scandal that’s bad enough to finally finish BigBang for good.” Jiyong presses his lips along the shell of your ear, smirking when you shiver. “Come on, baby…for me?”

You’re five seconds from caving when Youngbae starts making exaggerated gagging sounds from across the counter. Jiyong leans just far enough away from you to look at his friend from the corner of his eye, one brow raised imperiously.

“Seriously?” Youngbae asks, rolling his eyes and grimacing. “I’m standing right here. I didn’t come over for dinner tonight to watch you two flirt and have extremely sappy and embarrassing foreplay over barbecue.” 

“You invited yourself,” Jiyong replies, giving him a pointed look.

“At least I’m not so wrapped up in my girlfriend that I can’t go somewhere by myself,” his friend mutters, moodily crunching on a cracker. 

“That’s fair,” you say, laughing as you stir the soup. “We’ve become the clingy couple you used to complain about, Jiyong.”

“That was before I understood what it felt like,” he purrs, curling one hand around your hip. “To be so in love with someone that it hurts to be apart….”

You self-combust.

“Oh, god, I’m out,” Youngbae growls, grabbing his phone and heading for the door. “Fuck this.”

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*REQUEST* GD Scenario - ‘MalexMale, Date night’

Requested by a lovely anon <3 (the one who was like ‘ do anything’)

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

*Down own the gif yo*

Author: Laymedown

You didn’t really care what you were going to do when Jiyong called you to ask you to go on a date. As long as he and you were able to spend some time together, you were happy. However, you were especially excited when he asked you to see a movie with him that you’ve already seen before. Now you had about two hours in a dark room to do whatever you want to him.

           You felt your phone vibrate in your pocket, alerting you that he’d arrived. You almost forgot to lock your car as you quickly jumped out, meeting him up by the front of the theater. You automatically recognized him even with almost all of his features hiding away underneath a mask and sunglasses.

           “You couldn’t possibly stand out more.” You snuck up behind him. Once he turned around, you quickly lowered his mask and kissed him. You didn’t care for the wandering eyes of the judgmental people around you. So what you were both guys? It wasn’t like he was fucking you right there. If a straight couple can kiss their lover in public, so could you.

           “Let’s go, the movie is going to start soon.” Jiyong chuckled as he ended the kiss. He grabbed your hand, led you inside, and even though you fought against it, he paid for your ticket as well. You choose a seat all the way in the back, and at first you thought it was because the two of you got there early that no one else was around. But when the lights went out and there was still no one around, you couldn’t have been more relieved.

           “You’re not wearing any boxers are you?” You asked huskily in his ear as your hand grabbed his bulge through his pants. He ripped his mask off so damn fast and kissed you for real this time, taking full control.

           “Are you going to suck it for me, jagi?” He growled as he bit your lower lip. You moaned in response as you rubbed at the growing bulge in his pants. “Do you like sucking my dick?”

           “Fuck yes,” You unzipped his pants as you said so. You helped pull his pants down a bit as he shimmied them down just enough to free himself. Kneeling in front of him, you licked all the way up the shaft of his dick before teasing his tip. You felt him shiver in anticipation before fully swallowing him. His hand grabbed your hair as he let out a low moan.

           “Ah (y/n),” It almost sounded like he growled as he forced himself deeper down your throat. You swirled your tongue around the throbbing vein as you released him from your mouth. You gave him the sexiest look you could muster as you allowed a string of saliva and precum to hang from the tip of his dick to your mouth. He watched you so lustfully as you then kissed the tip of his dick with a sly smile.

           “Do you want me to finish?” You asked as you tugged at him with your hand. Still teasing his tip with your lips and tongue.

           “If you don’t hurry jagi, I’m just going to cum all over that sexy face of yours.” He growled as he pushed your head slightly back towards his needy member. Without a word of protest, you wrapped your mouth back around him.

           “I’m so close.” He moaned as his fingers tightened in your hair. And after a few more bobs, he held you down as he came straight down your throat, warm in your mouth. You swallowed it all, not missing one drop before finally releasing him. You stood up slightly, taking his slightly dazed face in to your hands.

           “I love how you taste.” You told him before kissing him. You somehow ended up climbing on top of his lap, grinding your own hard on into him.

           “Jagi, do you need some help with that?” His hands slid down your pants, taking a hold of your own dick. He began to pump it slowly and excruciatingly. “Well?”

           “Y-yes,” You let out a growl yourself. As you sat back in your own chair with your pants lowered. Jiyong was then leaning over you as his hand held your head up to stare him directly in the eyes.

           “You’re such a sexy slut.” He then bent down and nibbled on your ear. “I fucking love it.”

Drabbles - 51

I’m your husband. It’s my job.” - G-Dragon

“Ugh,” you groan, closing your eyes against the headache pounding at your temples. You try to breath in, but your nose is stuffed that your eyes water at the attempt. Your throat aches like you’d swallowed sandpaper, and all you want to do at this moment is sink into your mattress and just become one with the sheets forever. “Why do humans get sick? I mean, this just seems completely unreasonable.”

“Sure it is, baby,” Jiyong says, clearing the thermometer before offering it to you. “Now open up. Let’s see what the damage is.”

“Why do viruses and germs even exist?” You ask from around the thermometer, grimacing as the metal tip digs into your tongue. “Like, their purpose is just to fuck people up. What kind of existence is that?”

“I don’t know, Jagi. We can go see the doctor later, and you can ask him that yourself.” Jiyong smiles down at you, brushing your hair away from your sweaty face. He’s already dressed for work, artistic blue and white shirt with black slacks, one silver cross hanging from his left ear. He takes the thermometer back when it starts beeping loudly and sighs. “Good news. Your fever’s not that high. Bed rest and medicine will probably be enough.”

“That’s good… I hate going to the doctor,” you mutter, leaning back against your pillow and frowning sadly. 

He heads into the bathroom for several minutes before coming back with a cup of water and two cold pills. “Here you go, Y/N.” Jiyong watches as you take the medicine before he pulls the covers up and tucks you back in. “You go back to sleep, baby. I’m going to work from home today, so I’ll be here if you need me.” He presses a kiss to your forehead before standing up and walking to the door.


“Yeah?” He turns to look at you, his hand on the light switch. 

“Thanks for taking care of me and being so sweet.”

Jiyong smiles softly. “I’m your husband. It’s my job. And my privilege. And my happiness.” He turns off the light, and you fall back asleep.

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