Posters up, couches in (extremely comfy - If you require a detailed couch review, please contact me).
Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle.

Speak & The Spells at The Macbeth - 17.2.11

Four months later I finally got the photos developed.

This is the first band. I can’t remember what they’re called because they said they’d changed their name. Nice guitar doodles.

Fon doing something.

Me doing something.

Numerous owl-themed instruments were enough to make Panther Society extremely enjoyable before they even started playing.

Anastacia with a keyboard.

The Murder Act were wearing shoes.

That guy from Speak & The Spells who I kept referring to as “sideburns.”

Panther Society.

William Tyler, Hiss Golden Messenger, & Neverest Songs at Cafe OTO, 1st October 2011

Sneaky setup shots. One of these days I might get a DSLR.

Short description of music: Daydreamin’ piano kitten, acoustic melancholy, complex American fiddling.

Nathaniel Kidd & his Praying Guitar at The Slaughtered Lamb, 16th September 2011.

He sang about God as he sat in front of a pentagram. That tickled me. I told him I had a shirt the same as the one he was wearing.