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GOD DAMMIT IM SORRY I TRIED TO ASK ANONYMOUSLY AND I HIT SEND FUCK. Anyway to add on I was just wondering what your fav merthur moments are and any gifs to go along :))


(I had a hard time finding gifs so imma use pictures if that’s ok)

So, in no particular order other than chronological…

1. 1x04 : The Poisoned Chalice

Behold, the scene that first made me fall in love with Merthur. There lies Merlin, unconscious and dying, and STILL telling Arthur “Go. Save yourself.” And Arthur, in the proper Arthur fashion, promptly ignores him and tries to save Merlin’s life anyway, guided by the light of their love (you know its true don’t even lie).

2. 1x10: The Moment of Truth

“It’s been an honor.”

In which Arthur finally gives Merlin some long-overdue genuine mutual respect and Merlin is an adorable ball of nervousness :D

3. 2x06 Beauty and the Beast Part 2

Remember when they “no-homo-ed” so hard that it was hysterical

4. 2x09 : The Lady of the Lake

Featuring Arthur having no idea how to comfort the bae which leads to these fucking shenanigans ^^^ gross

5. 3x13 : The Coming of Arthur Part 2

I love how this scene showed the difference between Arthur’s relationship with Merlin vs everyone else. They both joke in this very serious scene because they both just KNOW that Merlin isn’t going to be leaving Arthur’s side no matter what.

6. 4x06 : A Servant of Two Masters

Ok I had to go back and edit this one in because JFC THIS ONE MIGHT JUST BE MY FAVORITE. I mean, I’m a fan of Merlin whump anyway, but Arthur not even CONSIDERING for a SECOND leaving Merlin behind. Merlin not even hesitating to separate Arthur, his ONLY HOPE OF SURVIVING, from both himself and their current danger. THE WAY. ARTHUR. SCREAMS. MERLIN’S. NAME. AS SOON. AS. HE. SEES. THE. ROCKS. FALLING.

yeah. that.

7. 4x13 : The Sword in the Stone Part 2

Ok listen tf up here. Merlin CREATED this sword FOR Arthur years ago. He placed it in this very stone. For this moment right here. For when Arthur lost faith in himself. Merlin SINGLE-HANDEDLY restored that faith with a bit of magic and a made-up story. Just so that Arthur could fulfill his destiny. And Merlin is there behind him the whole time, telling him to have faith, to believe in himself, that he is the greatest king Albion will ever know. And Arthur believes him. And he becomes that king, all because Merlin says he can. In this. Fucking. Scene.

8. 5x05 : The Disir

OMFG LET ME TELL YOU WHY THIS SCENE WRECKED ME EVEN MORE THAN 5X13 DID. Because in this scene, when Arthur asks for Merlin’s advice, Merlin knows that Arthur trusts Merlin enough that he will take his advice. And Merlin has to decide, right here. Between himself and Arthur. Between Mordred and Arthur. Between his own kin and Arthur. Between magic itself and Arthur. Between his OWN DESTINY AND ARTHUR. And you know what he chooses? HE. CHOOSES. ARTHUR. GDI.

9. 5x13 Diamond of the Day Part 2

Well, there’s a reason why its possibly the most quoted line in the show. And that’s cuz its fucking beautiful.

10. 5x13 : Diamond of the Day Part 2

The entire fucking show revolved around this. Around Merlin saving the day and never getting thanked for it. So let me just tell you. When Arthur said these words. His final words. I fucking cried it was so beautiful. Arthur finally realizing everything Merlin had done for him. And forcing himself to thank Merlin with his final breath. It just… its so.. jesus Christ I need to lie down this was an emotional workout…