gdi tveit

“You enjoying the day?”
“Yes, of course! It’s the TCAs, man!”

Video from Keke Palmer’s Snapchat (keekthasneak). This was captioned “I LOVE Aaron’s sense of humour!”… Post-group photo session at TCA16.

Completes the AT TCA16 Snapchat reel with “TCA16″ and “We Go Together.”


CBS Summer Press: Mary E. Winstead & Aaron Tveit for BrainDead
@MattMitovich, @mytakeontv, & @KittinExploits ( x | x | x - cropped )

“’I keep telling people–this show is nuts. It’s really nuts!’ @AaronTveit on CBS summer series @BrainDeadCBS” - @BCMikeMalone (x)

“The Kings have a 4-season plan for #BrainDead: D.C., Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Hollywood. #CBSSummerPress” - @MattMitovich (x)

Grease: Live ET Online - Pink Ladies: Aaron Tveit Portion Only (x)

“I’m gonna try my best to give a little nod to John and what he does, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it on my own, too.”

The paltry few seconds including his soundbyte, the post-race scene, and a slowed down shot of him looking all supportive at wedding talk. Not including the distant shot of him walking across the background of Jepsen’s interview.