gdi the song is stuck in my head

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1. Nicknames: Liv (though I mostly just introduce myself as Liv at this point) and Livvy. My grade school basketball coach used to call me The Big O. My mother was not pleased. I now understand why.

2. Gender: Female

3. Star Sign: Virgo, but I want to be a Libra, gdi.

4. Height: 5’ 4″

5. Time: 8:17PM

6. Birthday: September 21, 1994.

7. Favorite Bands: Fleetwood Mac, Head and the Heart. Recently discovered Violents, and I like them a lot.

8. Favorite Solo Artists: Brandi Carlile, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Gregory Alan Isakov, Father John Misty, Florence + The Machine, etc.

9. Song Stuck in my Head: She’s So Cold, by the Rolling Stones

10. Last Movie I Watched: I watched a documentary about Anders Behring Breivik, and it honestly disturbed the shit outta me.

11. Last Show I Watched: Game of Thrones.

12. When Did I Create This Blog: For this particular blog, I think it’s actually 4 years ago this month?!

13. What do I Post: Hodge-podge of stuff—Outlander, Game of Thrones, pretty ladies, and pretty quotes.

14. Last Thing I Googled: “Norway serial killer” bc I didn’t know how to spell Breivik’s name when answering #10.

15. Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I’m am the most lackadaisical mod at @imagineclaireandjamie, and I also have an Outlander mood board that I’ll occasionally update named @secndsleep.

16. Do You Get Asks: Sometimes, but I don’t usually answer them.

17. Why Did You Choose Your URL: It’s meant to be a dumb reference to how I love the ladies of Westeros. I mean “hos” affectionately, of course.

18. Following: 305

19. Followers: 1,304

21: Average Hours of Sleep: 5-6 on a good night.

22. Lucky Number: Don’t have one.

23. Instruments: I can play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder?

24. What Am I Wearing Right Now: A gray t-shirt dress which is my “I’m Having a Fat Day, Please Leave Me Alone” dress.

26. Dream Job: I would love to work at one of the Big 5 publishing houses. 

27. Dream Trip: Well, it was Norway up until the past 24 hours…

28. Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes.

29. Nationality: American.

30. Favorite Song: Cactus Tree and You Turn Me On I’m a Radio, by Joni Mitchell will always have very special places in my heart.

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Nickname: Rin! Or Rinny :) Feel free to call me either <3

Star sign: Sag all the way

Gender: female

MBTI Type: INFP-A (~*~*~*~the mediator~*~*~*~)

Height: 5 feet, 2 cm (i WAS fuckin 5′2″ and ½ but i lost that half-inch gdi )

Time: 9:10pm!

Birthday: 11.26.1993 (old af)

Favorite bands: oh geez this changes on the daily. pvris, fun. (*sob*), mayday parade

Favorite solo artists: lorde, nicki minaj, bruce springsteen, ariana grande, bleachers

Song stuck in my head: Hoodie by Hey Violet (it is a fucking BOP idk who this band is but that song GOES)

Last movie I watched: Does Falsettos count??? saw that in theaters

Last show I watched: Avatar! 

Other blogs: lmao as if i have the patience and control to have separate blogs for all my fandoms throughout the years ha ha ha pls i am unorganized trash

When I created my blog: we don’t gotta talk about it

What I post about: currently: persona 5 and voltron!! HOW BRIGHT AND SHINY RYUJI IS

Last thing I googled: ”ryuji good boy” (i was looking for the good boy quote ok IT’S FOR FIC STUFF)

Following: 534

Followers: 614 (I’m pretty sure 90% of those are leftover from my before-3yr-absence and they likely are like “who the hell is posting all this anime”)

Favorite colors: green and blue!!!!

Average hours of sleep: 4-5 (i need 7-8 to function normally why do i do this to myself)

Lucky number: EIGHT!

Instruments: i played flute in fifth grade and i was last chair for 3 years sO

What I’m wearing: tank and underwear

How many blankets I sleep with: one comforter!

Dream job: writing things, esp if it involves a visual art of some kind (or even directing!!!)


Favorite food: bread fuckin 400%

Nationality: born n raised in the USA but my great grandpa came from Germany!

I TAG: @malik-leena2418 @malevolenta @yizukikhons @rryuji AND @whimsicalsasquatch

I love doin this shit thanks @hotcheddar

rule: answer the 30 questions and tag 30 followers that you would like to know better 

nickname: Mana???? …cabbage…
gender: girl??
star sign: Scorpio
height: 4'10………….
time:  2:10am………..
birthday: Nov 13
favorite bands: MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE
favorite solo artist(s): Lady Gaga I guess?
song stuck in my head: Boy Division……….. 
last show i watched: Spongebob………….
when did i create my blog: 2 years ago in June 👈👈
what do i post: A clusterfuck of various fandoms, OC shit, and shitposts
last thing i googled: TTA Extra Differences
do u have other blogs: ….gdi i have @color-agent-shade @ask-danger-turq @netking-zetto @dots-danger-days @lapis-and-lazuli @ruri-mana also my youtube account and snapchat
do u get asks: Those are rare days… I cherish anything I get though!
why did u choose this blog name: I loved Ruri, or more specifically the Lapis Lazuli part. I started going by Mana in previous TOME works, so ey might as well smash em together
following: 113
followers: 256
favorite colors: BLUE! But my favorite combination is teal, purple, and pink
average hours of sleep: 5-8 hours depending on school n shit
lucky number(s): 4
instruments: I did use to play violin, but I also wanna get back into drumming ;u;
what am i wearing: some short black leggings and a black tank top
how many blankets i sleep with: 1-2 depending on the season
dream job: animator, or more likely a show writer for my own series. I just wanna make my babs a show n’ shit ;u;
dream trip: meeting lily for the first time irl………..
favorite food: pasta! burgers!
nationality: Filipino/American?
favorite song now: Overwrite from the Underverse OST

Uhh. @ambergrist @zy-drateanatomy @glossygalaxy? I have,,, no one else who wasn’t tagged


Transcendence AU fic. Chatlog for a chatroom about demonology. Inspired by this ask (spoilers), briefly references this.


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