gdi the song is stuck in my head

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Nickname: mares mostly. my mom calls me a bear in arabic 

Zodiac sign: pisces aquarius

Height: 5′2

Last thing you googled: dresses for my sister’s wedding. i really hate dresses gdi

Favorite music artist: chelsea wolfe is numba one, but i’ve gots a million others tbh, japanese and english

Song stuck in your head: on the radio by regina skeptor. i wake up with it in my head lmao

Last movie you watched: the belko experiment. wasn’t a bad movie 

What are you wearing right now: shorts and my handsome jack pandoran whiskey tshirt

Why did you choose your URL: literally went to a random fake word generator, had to change it from senuaa. wish i didnt have to

Do you have any other blogs: i used to, but i dont care about spreading out my interests. we combine all of our fandoms into one jam packed blog like men

What did your last relationship teach you: what the fuck is a “relationship” (never been in one)

Religious or spiritual: spiritual

Favorite color: dont really have one anymore, but blue and red i guess

Average hours of sleep: 7-9. at least thats how long i toss and turn haha

Lucky number: 2? never really thought about this 

Favorite character: all the boys of ffxv right now, but tomb raider is queen

How many blankets do you sleep with: one, my blanket is the only thing i need in life

Dream job: archaeologist, i wanna shove potsherds up my ass for the rest of my life

i usually tag people i see on my notes often: @for-lack-of-a-better-world, @ffxv-edits, @amionosoy, @iggyscientia, @criticaldrive, @camera-mike, @fieryknowledge, @pinkydude, @thegoodchamberlain

a-smol-badger  asked:

I always get disney songs stuck in my head at work... I work in an office at a holiday park??

Hahahah whenever I’m Snow White at an event I always enjoy have “once upon a dream” stuck in my head, gdi Sam, WRONG PRINCESS.


Transcendence AU fic. Chatlog for a chatroom about demonology. Inspired by this ask (spoilers), briefly references this.


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