gdi roses

Idk why but I have been thinking about how would Rose react if Dirk called her mom by accident. Like what if after hearing Dave call Roxy mom so many times by accident he went on like “Hey mom?” and Rose is like “Hello son, what do you need?” because she would play along, Kanaya is confused. It takes Dirk two seconds to realize what he said, he asks Kanaya to decapitate him.

hoseok: *breathes*
yoongi: look at this WONDERFUL creature breathing. he is so amazing y'all i love him so much like have u all seen him in the bst mv he literally SHINES in it but yeah ofcourse he shines in the bst mv because he’s my sunshine ohmygod J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!!!

Funny RWBY Lancaster scenario

Jaune was sleeping in his bed in his bunny onesie. His scroll starts beeping loudly and he wakes up with a start. Picking it up, he sees that the time is 3:42 in the morning. On the caller ID is none other than his girlfriend and fellow leader Ruby Rose.


“Jaune is that you? Oh thank god I need help.”

“Someone cut Yang’s hair?”


“Someone took one of Blake’s books to blackmail her?”


“Someone called Weiss poor?”


“Your stash got looted? Speaking of your stash, mind if I grab a cookie or two?”

“Later, we’re in downtown Vale and we kinda need help.”

“…You’re unintentionally causing property damage, aren’t you?”


“…What is it this time?”

“A couple of Atlesian Paladins.”

“This is the third time this month. How do you keep getting into situations like this?”

“We don’t have time for your silly questions, come down and help us.”

“We’ll be there in a couple of minutes. Just so you know, I am not going to make you cookies this week.”

“But Weiss is close to finding my stash. Why would you pull such a cruel and heartless act like that on me!?”

“Stop causing property damage and we’ll see.”

“Okay, just get here quick and- oh no, we’re going to hit the art museum!”

The call is abruptly ended. Jaune stares at his scroll for a good minute before setting it down and getting his armor ready.

“…Goddammit Ruby.”