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They rushed back to the Institute. Bloody and a mess. The stench of sulfur stuck to every inch of clothing. Demon ichor burning through parts of them. Yet there were smiles on their faces. Stretching so wide, people thought they were insane.

Jace was back.

After months and months of searching and failed missions, they got him back. Jace was safe. Jace was home.

They spent the night in the Infirmary. Silent Brothers working endlessly on their wounds, constantly chastising them to stop moving to talk to each other.

Simon was gushing over the totally badass moves Izzy made while Clary was laughing at Luke as Jocelyn kept nagging at him for putting himself in danger without her by his side. Alec shook his head, trying to lay a babbling Magnus to his bed. Jace sat by watching them, finally feeling at peace as he drifts off into a slumber.

Soft murmurs woke the blonde Shadowhunter.

“I’m fine Alexander, let me at least stop the bleeding.”

Jace turned quietly, watching the exchange between the two.

“You already used up all your magic Magnus, go back to bed. Nothing a bandage and an iratze can’t fix.”

The warlock sighed and sat beside him, taking the bandages from Alec and wrapping them around his torso.

Alec reached up to Magnus’s forehead, pushing back his hair to examine the gash he had earlier. Wordlessly, he reached over to the bedside table for a needle and began stitching it back up.

They worked in silence.

They checked the other for any other injuries missed before walking around the Infirmary, checking up on the others. He grinned as he saw his parabatai pulling Clary’s blanket over her shivering form. He didn’t think they’d ever get along.

Jace shut his eyes when he hears footsteps approaching. He felt his bed dip before hearing the warlock whispering into his ear.

“Rest Jace. I’ll take care of him.”

He waited a few moments before opening his eyes again. Alec sat on the bay window with Magnus slumped over his chest, the two looking up at the moon as they intertwined their fingers together.

Jace felt his parabatai rune blossom with warmth.

For the first time in months; after seeing so much blood spilled, after walking through the darkest depths the world could offer, after battling his own inner demons; Jace felt hope. Despite everything that had happened, his brother found his light in the darkness and Jace has found a new family in the most unlikely of people.

It’s odd how life works. No matter how bleak the future seems, the flames of hope will grow and glow brighter than before.

I just collapsed while brushing my teeth because I had a flashback to the most embarrassing moment of my life aka when I gave morgan parra an easter egg because i thought he would be sad that he missed out on a hollow chocolate treat