gdi i love these vids so much

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your thoughts on kyungsoo's dancing? :3

ok when it comes to kyungsoo i’m obviously biased af.. xD

BUT, I think he’s a really REALLY good dancer. He’s improved tremendously over the years, and there’s smth really sexy about him when he dances. Whether it’s singing, dancing or acting, he really gives it his all when he does smth T__T He seems to be doing really well with choreography. and picks it up pretty quickly too!! Tbh when it comes to performing in general, he’s VERY good at it!

I mean just look –>

I love him dancing to white noise ;; 

don’t go ;;; 

LMR will always be one of my favorite exo songs ;; 

And I really have no shame left so I can’t help putting an artificial love vid here too! 


I could’ve put so much more here but I had to chill lol