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Question meme 2 for Roy Harper please!

How I feel about this character: I don’t want to call Roy my “dumpster fire child” but like that’s pretty accurate to how much I love Roy and how much I specifically love him because of how flawed he’s been, because of all the bumps in his journey, because of his struggles, and because he not only turned his life around at every corner but because he did so while also taking up responsibility for his daughter (when he’s allowed to have her, gdi dc)

All the people I ship romantically with this character: A whole lot. Dick Grayson, Donna Troy, Jade Nguyen (if we’re talking like Young Justice style Jade), Koriand’r, Jason Todd – I can ship Roy with almost anyone if you give me the opportunity lol

My non-romantic OTP for this character: If we’re not counting Lian, because Roy’s relationship with Lian p much trumps everything else… Definitely him and Dinah, I adore their relationship so much. 

My unpopular opinion about this character: I really think, as far as character history and being a swarmy ladies man constantly having relationship flings and being way into his own sexuality, Roy was a much better fit for a book like Grayson than Dick was. And yes yes I know that was the “point” with Grayson but I think a fun spy thriller throwback with superheroes could be more sustained and that Roy would fit the bill more. 

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: Liiiiiiaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn

my OTP: DickRoy, I love it

my crossover ship: It’d actually really be interesting to see Roy and Dani Moonstar interact, not necessarily in a shippy way, but just compare culture and upbringing and culture shock of the superhero world versus native religion. Just super interesting

a headcanon fact: His current dragon tattoo is recent, from when he fell off the wagon. He got it when he was sober, covering up his native tattoos because he felt unworthy of them at the time. He’s said in sessions with Lilith that he plans on earning them again.

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After reading that Jungkook used busan accent to wish Jimin happy birthday I can't stop thinking about Jungkook using busan accent to show the others that he has something in common with Jimin and they don't bc Jungkook is a jealous possessive little kid who wants Jimin all to himself :3 Jimin thinks it's cute.


Like that is so childish but so cute, and of course jimin adore that. Like omg this is change all my theory that jikook is in an relationshipbye you know when people had a crush on someone they do that kind of thing a lot, like even the most simple thing they had in common is something to be proud of ya know, and this isnt the first time right? Like in the past jimin said that he likes this one song (i forgot what song it is) and then in the next interview jungkook said that he likes that song too, it happens more than once gdi, 

jungkook is in that phase, where he wants to show everyone that he has a lot in common with jimin, that somehow in his mind, it means that he is the right person for jimin (which is tru), and its so obvious, jimin is of course enjoying it everytime, and the other hyungs is just watching from afar smiling knowingly, while taehyung keep trying to tease jungkook about it but ofc hobi come to the rescue and drag taehyung out of the room