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Breathe Again (Jumin x MC) - oneshot

A/N:  This is angst.  Or, at least my try in angst.  An Anon asked for Saeran angst, but he’s just so generally angsty so I need some time to collect my thoughts on that lol!

The lyrics in the story is from Sara Bareilles’s song, “Breathe Again”.

Written in MC’s POV, towards Jumin.


I opened my eyes as soon as I felt your deep, steady breathing.  For the months I have lived with you, it’s enough for me to tell that you are already in deep sleep.  I lifted my gaze a little and saw that the bedside clock read 2:57am.

I gently turned in bed and found you sleeping on your side.  You look so calm, so peaceful.  So impossibly beautiful.  Out of habit I gently brush your hair away from your face, and the way your skin glowed while bathed in moonlight is still so breathtaking to me.


Car is parked

Bags are packed

But what kind of heart doesn’t look back?


For the past few weeks I notice that you no longer watched me the way you used to…you can’t even tell if I was asleep anymore.  Somehow, I wished that you were merely tired from all the work that you do.

The way that the moon played with the shadows on the bridge of your nose and the curve of your lips remind me so much of the day when you took my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it, asking me, oh so romantically, if we could be together for the rest of our lives.

For the first time in my life, I was so happy, Jumin.

You made me the happiest girl in the world.


At the comfortable glow from the porch,

The one I will still call yours?


I couldn’t help but smile wistfully as I trace your features with my eyes.

Committing you to memory.

One last time.


All those words came undone and now I’m not the only one

Facing the ghosts that decide if the fire inside still burns


My eyes caught a glint on your left hand.  Our wedding ring.

It’s that same hand that held me when we kissed the first time.  The same hand that took mine and placed the ring on my finger.  That same hand that held me close night after night in passion.

The same hand that snaked around her waist as you held her close.

I bit my tears back. I cannot allow myself to be weak now. Not now.


All I have, all I need

He’s the air I would kill to breathe


I gently rolled over to my side of the bed, careful not to wake you up.  I want to look back to check on you, but I am so afraid that I might just come back into your arms.

There’s no point in me coming back into those arms that have held someone else.

But good God, I just want to pretend that I did not see you holding her close with your arm wrapped around her slim waist, our wedding ring glinting against the light as she gently lays a finger on your lips that promised me forever.


Hang my head, break my heart built from all I have torn apart

And my burden to bear is a love I can’t carry anymore


As quietly as possible I opened the closet that had everything you had given me since we were together.  I try desperately to fight back tears.  There will be time for tears later.

Rummaging through the darkness I finally found what I was looking for.  A small bag of the bare essentials I needed, and clothes that I actually own.  None of the things in this bag was given by you.

I dressed up in jeans and t-shirt.  Something I haven’t worn for a long time.  I looked at myself in the mirror and straight into my tired, swollen eyes.

Do it.  

I slung my bag over my shoulder and turned towards the bed.  I gingerly opened the bedside drawer and found the letter I have written a few nights ago, addressed to you.  I gently laid the letter right next to the bedside clock.

Then I wrapped my fingers around the wedding ring on my finger.

I made the mistake of taking a glimpse of you.  

It hurts to be here.

I only wanted love from you.

It hurts to be here.

I felt my tears roll down my cheeks as I closed my eyes and pulled the ring out of my finger, and laid it on top of the letter on the bedside table.


All I have, all I need

He’s the air I would kill to breathe

Holds my love in his hands, still I’m searching for something

Out of breath, I am left hoping someday

I’ll breathe again


“Goodbye, Jumin.”

I made one last glance at you and gently closed the door.


A/N: T__T I AM SO SORRY MC…I promise not to do something like this again.  T____T

I just felt really…sad today and the song just played in my head all of a sudden.

Blank-slate-ish-characters who are not-really-blank-slate-ish reseting the game like GDI

((Ok i have a positive feeling that anyone loving undertale will enjoy mystic messenger too. Plz check out the game!!!))

[TRANS] Chinese netizen’s comments on the KrisHan reunion

Trans: | (t/n - these are the top comments/reposts on weibo regarding this topic. Also 牛鹿 (KrisHan) is one of the hot search words atm. Translated in no particular order.) | requested post

[+625] Thank you my motherland, thank you the communist party, thank you CCTV.
[+621] Wang Feng cries until he faints in the toilet [laugh cry]
[+1758] If the fans of the two still fight, I’ll slap you people one at a time
[+1358] I’m really going to cry?? Ever since they returned, my good feelings for the two increased exponentially, who said that they’re rivals and not brothers, come stand up I won’t beat you until you die!!!!!!!!!! Hold hands, good friends.
[+918] Turns out that when you live long enough, you can see anything, see you on chinese new years eve~

[2644 reposts] Fanfan’s so dumb so cute trying to follow Luhan, Luhan’s very clear sentence ‘telephone’ [laugh cry]
[2339 reposts] #Krishan# yoooooooo that short haired auntie is really…….not happy!
[2212 reposts] I didn’t want to forward this at first, but in the hot forwards some deaf person heard “you didn’t get your stuff and leave” as “you’re not leaving without him”, and say that this person is Wu Yifan’s staff. Can I ask how many deaf people how shameless can you be to hear it wrongly? Alright if you want to bask in your fantasies and not hear things clearly, but who gave you the right to sprout nonsense?
[884 reposts] This angle I can see Fanfan’s expression clearly T_T Can’t stop crying T_T
[749 reposts] Their expressions are so happy, the feeling of not wanting to leave, date date date!!
[483 reposts] Luhan, Wu Yifan walking towards the exit, not even half a minute later saw Wu Yifan walking back, walked the wrong exit, so cute and dumb :D, in the end left through another door.

[+918] I’m a tfboys fan but when I see the two of them I get touched and cry T_T
[+896] Although I’m just a passerby, but I feel that Luhan really treasures friendship, not like what they say on the internet
[+745] although I’m not a fan of the two of them, but this scene still struck me
[+686] Krishan fans are the happiest fans in the world [doge]
[594 reposts] #Krishan# Luhan’s small hand tugged on his sleeve, Lao Wu follows :D

[+46] I only fan Wu Yifan, but looking at this I’m so touched, they’re good brothers the fans of the two stop trolling each other
[+49] Always felt that when Wu Yifan meets Luhan, all his edges disappear, when he’s alone he always had the aura of not allowing people to approach him
[+564] Really natural bantering Luhan’s really warm T_T “Ah then I’m leaving, waiting for you call” so polite! T_T
[+422] “Ah then I’m leaving first, byebye” T_T T_T Don’t care about this couple, only that I’m seeing the two courageous people I love meeting again after a long time and they’re still close~ (I hope that certain fans won’t take this and twist it, don’t say who’s clinging onto who, they’re on separate paths)

[2185 reposts] Baby Lu still pulled Lao Wu hahahahaha, it’s alright you can be together later, won’t separate you two won’t separate [laugh cry]
[1005 reposts] #Krishan# (Ah then I’m leaving.) (@*#(@&# See you later?) (Byebyebyebye..)
[744 reposts] (Then I’m leaving) (Call me) the moment when he pulled his hand my god aaaaaaaahhhhh wwwwwuuuu cry cry cry cry cry

[+108] I thought I heard Luhan “you’re leaving” and the last sentence “telephone”…
[+101] Speaks so much, can see that Luge still holds on to past relationships, but manager seems to not want them to contact in public

[+351] Watched this numerous times…..something feels stuck in my heart, so many things I want to say, but..can’t start!! Now, there’s only one sentence I want to say “can we stop fighting? stop arguing?”
[+341] No matte whose fan you are, including the fans of the other 10, don’t you feel sorry for yourselves when you’re fighting [heart break]
[+326] I’m a Krisyeol fan, but why am I so excited

[+301] So touched, still good brothers, their relationship is still so good, Luge even went to pull Wu Yifan
[+252] Krisyeol fan really happy for you guys T_T
[+123] Thank you my motherland, thank you the communist party, thank you CCTV.
[+76] Today Wang Feng’s headlines are gonna be snatched ahahaha (t/n - Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi and she said yes)
[+74] Also I’m a biased fan, but looking at this, I feel so warm, some things can’t be changed just because of comments, I hope that everyone is well, at least that’s what they wish in their hearts.
[+44] Everyone’s telling the cousin brother and Lao Gao to be together, but how come they’re so serious today [laugh cry]
[+44] Suddenly feel that these people are here to snatch the headlines from Wang Feng [doge]

justasmuggler  asked:

❝ That was about 8 on the asshole scale … ❞

PROMPT: the wolf among us meme

Disapproving quivers within his brow highlighted the complete contempt Obi-Wan felt towards such a remark, though he was not quick to return the favour as far as slick verbal retorts went. Instead he cast the other a knowing glance, all before folding his arms inward, the sleeves overlapping as he resumed a proud and formal stance. “ To you, perhaps, but you were hardly using it. There are people here lacking the mere basics; you should do your best to lessen their worries, my friend. “ Yes Han. Share your things.