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Yondu and his toys


[Elsword MAD] world.execute(me) - AddEve

song by MILI
original MAD idea by Chiimashu
Illustration by me

midnightmarionette  asked:

How on earth does ennard even eat really. Like i imagine him at some restaurant trying to food and like he just smashes it in his mouth not even chewing xD

                                      *COOL GUITAR RIFF*

IN THIS EPISODE: Our friendly neighbourhood cool kid robot goes to the newly opened noodle bar to try out the treats with his big bro Mike!

WHOA OH! Looks like this big noodle couldn’t handle his noodles! Turns out robots don’t need to eat! Who would have thought? 

But you know what kiddos, we gotta give him some credit here: He went out to a new place to try new things. Even though it didn’t work, he had a good time with his bro nonetheless and he wouldn’t have known that if he never went.

Even if Mike had to grab a mop and bucket and clean up after themselves after the waitress got mad. Because it turns out, zombies can’t eat either! Just goes right through him! WOOPS

What a mess these boys have got themselves into this week!