If the writers really wanted to, they would’ve found a way to make Peridot coming to the rescue mission work, because think about how interesting it would’ve been if Peridot came instead of Pearl! 

We could’ve seen how she would’ve reacted to seeing her former leader, Yellow Diamond, being in such an emotional state regarding Pink Diamond! We could’ve seen the inner turmoil inside her; about how she still thinks about Homeworld and how conflicted she feels about going against everything she ever believed in, that she was literally made for, for the Crystal Gems! We could’ve seen how it became Peridot’s CHOICE (as opposed to initally being FORCED) to stay with the Crystal Gems OR, alternatively, have some foreshadowing of a future rift between the Crystal Gems and her, maybe even have her siding with Steven about being bent in learning the truth about Rose Quartz and what happened between her and Pink diamond! 

We could’ve! Had so much character depth! with Peridot!! 

Zane : //Sleep over voice// “ Are you awake? ”

Kai : //Sleep over reply voice// “ Yeah. ”

Nya : //Regrettable sleep over voice// “ Guys SHH. ”

Jay : //Confused sleep over voice// “ What is the meaning of life? ”

Cole : //Annoyed sleep over voice// “ Dude, shut up. ”

Lloyd : //Sleep over host voice// “ You guys be quiet, my mom’s gonna hear us. ”

Ronin : //Random Voice// “ You kids wanna buy some drugs? ”