gda project

Global Donation for GDA project by Target_SJ

ELF, please take time to read. Thank you. 

As of now MAMACITA album sales, ver. A and ver. B combined, is 146,000+; currently #4 in Hanteo yearly album chart. If you estimated it, we need to buy more at least 150,000 albums to secure GDA and we only have 3 months to do that.

Yes, we need a lot of money for it. But if everyone is going to help, i’m sure in no time, we will reach our goal :) 

so ‘how can i help?’ you say:

  1. buy more albums and make sure you’ll buy from stores that count towards Hanteo 
  2. donate money through your country representative (check their twitter. they have the list of country reps)

>> Check Target_SJ ’s twitter for more info <<

//i do not have any personal contact with Target_SJ but their project is very helpful for winning year end awards so i made this post to spread the info abt it. All credit goes to Target_SJ.

Fighting~ Everlasting Friends! ♥