with the start of a new week upon us hanteo has released their top ten chart for the week of monday, may 18th - sunday, may 24th. shinee took the top spot on their chart with the release of their new album, “view”. the final calculated sales for the first week came to 67,431 copies (with 6,016 sold on the sunday). confirmation of this set of sales has officially made “view” shinee’s second best selling release in terms of first week sales. their best selling was with “sherlock” in 2012 which brought in a grand total of 74,670 in it’s first week. congrats shinee! (s/n: the above image has shinee’s sales total blocked out but, if you would like to look at the full top ten list with number included, you can check out this screenshot.)


star king - 080719
first appearance (english sub)


kiss the radio - 080606
first appearance (english sub)