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louis and harry cup their palms instead of interlace their fingers and they carass thumbs and their anchor and rope tattoos line up when they hold hands also harry’s hand engulf louis’ 

awhile i ago i was asked why i’d make people feel bad for liking hannibal and in case anyone else feels this way this is for you:

i have never explicitly said “if you like hannibal, you are bad, and you should feel bad.” i liked the show. the show was a big chunk of my life. i wouldn’t have this url if i didn’t like the show.

but there’s a difference between liking the show and blindly following a creator that’s done problematic shit time and time again. people need to be aware of what he’s going on and i don’t want him to get away with it.

so if you want to go ahead and delude yourself into thinking that bryan fuller cares about his fans despite his lies, his queerbaiting, and his outright grossness, then that’s fine do what you want. but i’m not gonna let that shit fly.