So I normally don’t do this but I want to warn you guys about a blog, steven-universe-edits. Basically they’re racist and taking people’s art and official SU art and white washing it, making characters skinny, and being a general piece of crap. I’d encourage you to block them and report them, and if there’s anything else you think I should do, let me know.

A TBG insp. fic (again)

(Submitted by jamwrites and based on this text)

Frankly, breaking into NASA wasn’t as hard as Pearl had expected.

Things couldn’t have gone much better if she had wanted them to. After finishing her notes and sealing the manila envelope, Pearl had slipped out of the Temple and into the Warp, only to discover that there was a pad located just a few miles from the human space agency. Rose and Garnet had been out on a mission and Amethyst had fallen asleep hours ago; it was like the universe was practically inviting her to do it.

Of course, she had tried to simply walk in and hand her notes over at the front desk, but then the humans had ignored her, so wasn’t delivering the notes directly to the command itself a good idea? The humans hadn’t thought so. Pearl wasn’t exactly sure what a “restraining order” was, but something told her she wasn’t exactly welcome back.

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