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Unforeseen sides of BIGBANG members:

GD: YoungBae sense of humor is like a kid. Sometimes I don’t understand why he thinks they’re funny, but when he gets addicted to a joke, he keeps saying it for at least a month. What’s he into now? I don’t focus on them so I forgot . Seungri has no unforeseen characteristics. He is full of vitality and does not sleep. I really want to know what he does flying back and forth.

Taeyang: Daesung is surprisingly…secretive. We’ve been working together for so long but I only know a little about him. He never gets in touch with me outside work schedule and that sometimes hurt my feelings (laughs). TOP is surprisingly delicate like a bubble. Our houses are close to each other now and he often calls me at night saying “Come, now.” When I reach to his house, he is there being sentimental (laughs). As for GD, we have been together from when we were little. I know too much about him so I am not sure what is unforeseen. You all think Seungri is active right? In reality, he is 100 times more active than what you think. I’m worried about him… He is active no matter how busy. His manager gets too tired and thinks of quitting his job. To stop the managers from quitting, SR has to give them presents occasionally (laughs).

Daesung: GD is actually a money saver. He thinks a lot before buying something. Then, he buys it a lot (laughs). TOP is lonesome; BIG BANG’s baby. I keep watching over his back.

Seungri: G-Dragon is Asian Michael Jackson. He is outstanding in everything, having strong presence as a star of music, fashion, and has great aura. TOP is James Dean. His handsomeness as a man is over the top! SOL is EXILE’s Hiro-san. (T/N: Hiro is a leader of a well-known Japanese vocal/dance group EXILE.) He is good at dancing, has leadership, and great at bringing the members together. D-LITE is usually quiet but he suddenly speaks up with striking words. His commenting skill is like Beat Takeshi. (T/N Beat Takeshi is a well-known Japanese comedian/movie director.) Me… I am Bae Yong Joon! “Winter Sonata” is a K-drama that everybody wants to repeat. I am also a guy who people would want to repeat.

TOP: GD has a flexible heart, YB has a strong core. SR has so much energy, DS is very reliable.


TOP: If I talk about the members, it would take a loooong time, and it would lose its mystique. And honestly, talking too much may end up with facts that disappoint the fans (laughs). So I would leave it up to all of you on why I think so. I hope you all could discover members’ different sides.