gd falksen

There's something called tumblr etiquette

You don’t take someone’s text, delete it from the post you’re reblogging and copy it back word by word so it appears that you have written that. I took the time to make that post, I found that portrait, I wrote that text, I checked the dates, I checked the translated names, I wrote it in a language that is not my mother tongue. This really pissed me off, way more than when I write a simple caption and someone “deletes” it and writes it again. 

Good evening everyone! ♥ Come, sit down. We need to have a talk. Come back, don’t panic! You’re not in trouble, I promise.

Alright, so here’s the deal: I have mentioned this before and it will continue popping up. Because supporting writers and artists, etc. is more important than you think it is.

(But Nikki! We know this already!) Yes I know that you know. But stick with me here for just a few short minutes. It’s important. Important like Tom Hiddleston’s cheek bones, okay?

Chances are if you think that someone is rolling in ‘dat mad cash because they were published/ around the internets/ have been at cons/ they’re so awesome your brain explodes at the mere thought of them…They aren’t. They’re struggling like the rest of us, if not worse because they’re using their time to pour their heart and soul into a creation that may or may not even make a dime.

That’s where WE come in, as fans and supporters. If you’re silent, that’s when a series will stop. They won’t have the time or money to keep on creating those things we love because there doesn’t seem to be a fandom or they just can’t keep up with costs of real life and have to work on other things instead of the beauty that we enjoy so that they can actually eat. We need to be LOUD and it has to happen without waiting for some magical bandwagon to appear for others to do it for us. We ARE that wagon, and I can assure you…It’s worth the blood, sweat, and tears.

(Lots of tears, mostly. Chapter 11 anyone?)

Does that come off as preachy somehow? Do you feel uncomfortable and like you’ll look stupid or annoying because you won’t shut up about just ONE thing? Well you won’t.

Because that’s how I got here. How WE got here. Don’t be shy, don’t take any flak from anyone (ESPECIALLY yourself) if you feel like you’re posting too much, or that you’re too weird, too nerdy, too obsessed with Iosef…

Sorry that last one may just be me. Don’t you dare sell yourself short on what a difference YOU can make. Yes, you. No not your cat. YOU. Lovely being made of flesh and stardust. One person can make a massive difference in what becomes an amazing series that will see the glorious light of a strong fandom, or be damned to the abyss and in years people stumbling across it go, “Well what the hell happened? Why isn’t there more?”

Because we need to be loud about it while it’s beginning. It needs encouragement, posts, reviews, and book slamming into your friends faces! Like a cute little Elder God trying to consume the Earth and such, you know? It needs support and sacrifice!

So please do so. Please. It takes a shorter amount of time to leave a review on Amazon/ Goodreads than it did for you to read this post. Send an email to the author once and awhile, let them know that you enjoy what they do. Or else they won’t know and won’t continue on with it, thinking that their heart and soul project isn’t loved. This goes for everything arts related, not just this series.

Now get out there and prove that Sassassins aren’t some passive fandom waiting in the shadows.

-Over a year ago, I was one person in Canada who wouldn’t stop posting about a book that didn’t let me sleep until 10:30am because I couldn’t stop reading.
-Exactly a year ago we were about 14 people.
-Now we’re thousands, from all over the world. There is always someone awake to talk to, there is encouragement, love, and pen pan letters from people I have never met that has genuinely moved me to tears.

Don’t let this die by being passive. Prove me right and let’s take this thing to the heights it deserves. You may now continue on with your scrolling. ♥