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Thank you to other fandoms for amazing support

People worldwide are showing their support for BIG BANG member T.O.P, and everyone who loves him, while he is in the hospital. On June 6, T.O.P was taken to the hospital due to an overdose of prescription tranquilizers. A police source has stated that he is currently not in critical condition, although he remains in the hospital. This follows T.O.P’s recent dismissal from his mandatory military duties due to being prosecuted for marijuana use. On Twitter, the hashtag “StayStrongTOP” trended at No. 2 worldwide around 2 a.m. KST on June 7, and remains in the top 3 at the time of this article’s publication. The hashtag is being used not only by BIG BANG fans (VIP), but also people from other fandoms, as supporters worldwide send their encouragement to T.O.P and wish him the best, as well as show their support for BIG BANG and their fans during this difficult time. SERIOUSLY TANK YOU GUYS SOO MUCH IT MEANS TO US VIPS A LOT I CAN’T EVEN EXPLAIN HOW PROUD I AM OF KPOP WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY

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Ever thought about how BTS' career is progressing similarly to Big Bang's

Now, I’m not trying to compare or say one is better than the other. Just hear me out:

Both groups debuted with a hip hop concept before completely changing their concept and rapidly increasing in their popularity.
Both groups have portions of the fandom who whine incessantly about how they wish the group would return to their old concert.
HYYH is BTS’ Haru Haru with I Need U and Haru Haru both being as @jiyongshairbleach put it: on the more melodic electro pop side.
Moreover, BS&T, much like Tonight, is the “a bit trend riding rap heavy electro pop song”.
Sure, it isn’t a perfect fit, considering that BTS isn’t likely to get the “carted off to Japan for two years” treatment like Big Bang (“the OG “carted off to Japan” YG group” - @jiyongshairbleach).

Huh, if history is to repeat itself, I predict that in 2018, Rap Monster will get involved in a drug scandal and J Hope will get involved in a motor vehicle accident resulting in a civilian casualty.

Netizens will hold both of these incidents against them calling the former an addict and the latter a murderer. Meanwhile, salty fans will point to these incidents as proof of BTS “copying” Big Bang.

So we have that to look forward to…


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The signs theme songs as bands/ musicians I listen to (based on people I know & myself)

Aries: King For A Day | Pierce The Veil

Taurus: Words, Words, Words | Bo Burnham / Polarize  |-/ Twenty øne Piløts

Gemini: American Idiot | Green Day

Cancer: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) | My Chemical Romance

Leo: Awake and Alive | Skillet

Virgo: Na Na Na | My Chemical Romance

Libra: Fairy Local/ Doubt |-/ Twenty øne Piløts

Scorpio: Goodbye Graceful | Falling In Reverse

Sagittarius: Not Today |-/ Twenty øne Piløts / But It’s Better If You Do | Panic! At The Disco / 

Capricorn: Before I Forget | Slipknot

Aquarius: Youth & Whiskey | Black Veil Brides / Follow You | Bring Me The Horizon 

Pisces: Party Poison | My Chemical Romance / Ode To Sleep | Twenty One Pilots

Damn… I listen to too much TOP.

150522 ~ [TRANS/Jungkook]

Question: Do u like ARMYs or GD? 

Jungkook: I like ARMYs and also GD sunbaenim  *chooses both on the post-it*

Fan: That’s cheating. 

Jungkook: *pretending he doesn’t know* It isn’t!