Darren Criss - Red Carpet GC 2016

don’t let the fact that i made a banner fool u: it’s really not that big of a deal. i just need friends come talk to me please

basically i’m making a groupchat and because forms are boring as heck and would make it seem a lot more serious than it is i’m just gonna ask u to message me and i’ll add u. however i feel like i have to specify a few things:

  • the gc will be on whatsapp, so you will have to give me your phone number
  • to ensure that no one #sketchy gets anyone’s number i do reserve the right to not allow you into the gc if i feel that you shouldn’t be there (i.e. you’re 55 years old or your blog is empty and gives me no insight into what you’re like)
  • pls only join if you’re 14+ bc there will probably be some “inappropriate” (lol) subjects and whilst i don’t care if you’re reading smut in your free time, i’d rather not get in trouble if your dad reads the chat over your shoulder and someone just quoted the hat fic u feel
  • although there is no set limit to how many people i’ll let into the chat i will have to say stop at some point so don’t take it personally if i say it’s full
  • i don’t want to say you have to “ship phan” or whatever, but i’m warning you that the chat will be obnoxiously shippy and if you’re just gonna spoil everyone’s fun by lecturing us on why rpf is #bad you might as well not join at all
  • i’m realising i sound very angry rn lmao i’m not i promise
  • if you’re easily offended i will probably offend you but if you’re already following my blog and u don’t hate me yet you should be fine

i think that’s it?? if you’re interested just send me a message (through the messaging system not an ask pls) and then if i check your blog and decide you’re not a serial killer i’ll ask for ur number and we’ll be best friends forever ok cool


2016!phan is fucking great
dt: internet support group gc!!1!1

Made with Vine

when they first announced ww hd i was kinda like ‘well that makes all my work pointless’ but then they released pics and i was like.. ‘oh good, its completely different.’ 

still wish we could get dynamic shadows in the GC version but then the lighting made little to no sense in the HD version so eh


Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) - Red Carpet GC 2016

awkwardshownu  asked:

CALL :) ME :) OUT :)

i don’t think u ready tho sweaty :-) 

  • kaylin you hoe 
  • doesn’t talk a whole lot in the gc bUT OH WHEN SHE DOES SHE READY TO FIGHT, TO ATTACK, TO ROAST AND I LOVE I T
  • she’s a fellow hoebebe
  • but real talk,, i love kaylin sm she’s one of my faves 
  • the true savage tbh 


anonymous asked:

Do you think GC still thinks in old ways and still favours CP? I love Sofia because she stands on her own, like Victoria and Madeleine, and CP seems to learn from her and respects the women in his life. But I know from own experience how hard parents can be and you don´t want to start a fight. Maybe there will be slowly a change??

He obviously has a particular soft spot for CP. They have similar interests and have been very close since his childhood. But CG includes Victoria in his diplomatic activities and his important meetings. He doesn’t exclude her. He recognises she’s his heir, does all the things to prepare her for her future role, and seems to be very proud of her.