Riverdale Groupchat

Reblog or like this post to be apart of a Riverdale group chat, I’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile​, I think it’ll be a fun way to connect with each other! Plus for all the shy/socially awkward cuties (like me, minus the cute part) it’ll be a good easy way to start talking to everyone instead of having the pressure of talking to one person, hopefully I’ll get a few responses back if I get around 10 I’ll probably start it in case some people back out. I haven’t seen to many gc for Riverdale so hopefully it’ll start something 😄 this is all for fun and meeting new people! The next post will most likely have more details to everything as in when it’ll start,who will be in it, and what soical media app it’ll be on!

*Please make sure to MESSAGE ME saying you want to be in it after reblogging/liking just so it’s easier for me to keep track*

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anonymous asked:

From what I am reading they made Clarke a nightblood..Can you imagine the BL freaking out if Clarke gets the chip with Lexa in it? Talk about ultimate connection! and BL would have a melt down!!! LOL

“They loaded the gun and now we wait for them to fire it.”

The only gun this show has ever loaded properly was the one that killed Lexa and in turn their show……….

okay so im going to be completely honest and admit that i have no idea what vore even is like,,, i know it’s something sexual and Gross but that’s about it? i know for sure that @blackstephaniebrown deserves to be kinkshamed but half the time idk why exactly