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How does being in a coma work? What causes someone to slip into a coma? What's the longest ,or the shortest, someone in a coma has lasted and is there a way to help someone"snap" out of it, as they make it look like on TV? Any side effects after waking up from a coma?

Hey anon! I’m getting enough asks on comas that I’m going to have to make a masterpost sometime soon, but I’ll lay out the basics.

  • A comatose state is not a lightswitch. Each one is different. You are not either “conscious” or “coma”.

  • Coma is graded on a scale called the Glasgow Coma Scale, from 3-15 (yes, even the rock on your desk has a GCS of 3).
  • Anyone with a GCS less than 8 might get intubated (breathing tube placed) and put on a ventilator for their own protection.

  • Coma can be caused by a lot of things. Injury is one, but hell, a good alcohol binge can cause a GCS of 13 or less (the less part being dangerous). Diabetic Ketoacidosis–a metabolic state where a diabetic has no insulin in their body, so their blood sugar builds up and up while they metabolize fat and muscle–can cause it, too, as can narcotics and other medications, seizures, etc. Also, they can be medically-induced for a number of reasons.

  • Medical people hate the words “slip into a coma”. Just saying.

  • Some comas have reversible causes. For example, someone who has a reduced GCS from a narcotic overdose–even to a GCS of 3–can be woken up with a single dose of naloxone, AKA Narcan, AKA Vitamin N. (They will then be very mad with you for ruining their high.) This, and hypoglycemic comas (fixed with IV dextrose), are the only two I know that have “lightswitch” endings, though both take a few minutes.

  • MOST COMAS CANNOT BE WOKEN UP BY OUTSIDE MEANS. This is especially true for traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Sick brains need time to heal, and in a lot of cases, what causes the coma causes damage to a lot of different parts of the brain. So even if some level of consciousness is regained, it’s an injured brain waking up. 

So there you have it. I’ll get into more detail on this one of these days, but for now, I hope this gets you started!


xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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NHK Trophy 2016 Papadakis/Cizeron FD Italian Commentary Translation

GC = Giovanna Carollo (only a sport journalist who never watched FS until this season) / FB = Franca Bianconi

GC: Hmm I’ll tell you … I liked more the Americans (H/B).

FB: So….. them practically is the third year that present a free, more or less similar, with this music on the piano without a particular theme, that emphasize very much what is their skating that certainly is a great quality skating, great speed and also amplitude without going to seek neither a story nor an interpretation.. there isn’t that something behind it that would drag you (GC: That is perhaps what is lacking, a narrative).. that’s it, there’s clearly no story or if there is the least we did not understand it *laughs*

GC: I am comforted that not even  you understood it *giggles*

FB: *giggles* No if there is one then it was not clear. I must say that this of the three who submitted (in reference to the other 2 teams S/K and H/B) is the one that leaves me a little perplexed. Perhaps because they have not skated well today, there was a bit of trouble at several points of the program beyond that almost fall out of the curve lift ohmm.. bha, I do not know, or perhaps as I said before, to have now suddenly that domain that was theirs which begins to falter perhaps puts them in a situation of (GC: Anxiety) yes a little bit more anxious.

GC: An anxiety of performance no?  a little pressure in their head.

FB: Two great skaters always but…

GC: Yes, that definitely.. the beauty… I mean, from an aesthetic side they are beautiful to look at.

FB: (Watching the replay) He did not take his foot, see, he takes it only very late on those twizzles. But it could just, it seemed that they were not together many times, then clear with experience, with everything, they recover. Hmm. This is the curve lift, even here bho, a little trivial. He is in this giant spread eagle and that’s fine, but she is just sitting on him, there is also no great difficulty in that lift. And then there was that imprecision on the exit. Sets of twizzles that however took only level 2 just because he has not taken his foot and that dropped the level. Otherwise fine because the two sequences, circular and diagonal, took level 3 and we have said is almost always the most that the skaters can achieve. It seems that this level 4 is destined to some kind of perfection, for the moment you can really see very few. Yes, also see their faces are not fully satisfied, no, I think they expect from themselves and this free something more probably.

GC: But the elements have taken all very high scores eh, are all on the 9/9.50. The average is that one.

FB: Yes indeed there is also a 10 by Judge #3.

GC: 54.40 regarding the technical elements, 56.66 for components that is high enough.

FB: Yes, it is definitely a very good score, look at what happens to the free, 111 is a very high score. Frankly I did not even expect a score so high for this performance but probably they liked though, and they paid the speed, performance.

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The big camren blogs who own group chats should be careful what people you're adding.


it’s been a long time since i added someone to my main camren gc

NHK Trophy 2016 Papadakis/Cizeron SD Italian Commentary Translation

GC = Giovanna Carollo (only a sport journalist who never watched FS until this season) / FB = Franca Bianconi

Keep in mind they showed first P/C and then V/M. Both in the SD and FD.

GC: They conclude the round this French couple, Gabriella and Guillaume who do not dance together from ages.

FB: Well.. yes.. not from that much but in fact they are still the world champion couple of the last two years. More than anything they have done an amazing leap from 2013-14 to 2014, were from being only 13th at Worlds in 2013 and then suddenly jumped to the 1st place and that’s for the dance is a bit unusual. But it shows a crazy couple affinity (GC: Yes, there is a great understanding), incredible skating skills, just a magnitude width of the skating and then Guillaume comes out a lot in this pair, by a lot. They have significant technical elements. In short, here everything pretty much perfect, they got all the key points of the midnight blues, all levels 4. They only got a level 2 in the partial, evidently the beaks that they had to perform were not considered all perfect and precise. The grade of execution travels around between +2 and +3 hmm so I have to really say a program of excellence.

GC: So a program of excellence, we are reviewing the highlights of this short dance of the French couple. You talked earlier about the technical elements and we are on 37.98.

FB: It is clearly a very high score because it still going to 75 -like they will probably will get- of the Short Dance is a score that is on top of the world, in short we are definitely in the podium in a world championship. Already passing the 70 (points) we always say it is a great achievement… getting to 75 here means actually having made a valuable Short Dance.

GC: As far as about the components instead we are on 37.62, still a very high level for this pair which moreover has worked hard on itself to achieve these outcomes as you said, between 2013 and 2014 this leap must have made a not only technical work according to my point of view. It’s like a desire to tune in, have been working on their personality.

FB: Yes well, then they have changed their place of training, they have moved to Canada and from there probably took to train in an even more professional way and they have carried with them their French coach. In short, they have found the key to present programs of excellence.

GC: And here is the score, 75.60, we are in fact at very high levels.

**During the comment of H/B**

FB: As I said before, the dance is also a matter of grind year after year experience, a complicity and also a reputation almost. This is why I said that the career of the French team is very abnormal, get that from a 13th to winning a World Championship is something that is rarely seen.