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hey it’s Jasmine and I’m nearing my two year anniversary for this blog ??and i hit 3k?? so I made a follow forever because it seems what people do. so basically thanks for following me and I am completely and deeply in love with every single blog I listed .also thanks if you didn’t unfollow me from my url change from memecorpse cuz loads did but what can ya do. I don’t wanna sound soppy but the blogs I follow really cultivate a wonderful and funny environment for me to escape from the world for a bit so thanks for making this hellsite bearable - under the cut are some very lovely blogs that I think everyone should follow

also special shoutout to the loves of my life @memespov and @sapphicvevo both of whom have kept me sane and made me laugh and cry way too hard ;i genuinely don’t know what I would do without you god bles

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Inside the walls of Yale’s Sterling Memorial Library, it’s like having backstage passes to Coachella. Yale’s historical library isn’t open to the general public, and is only accessible to students and faculty. We in here!

Adjacent to Sterling Memorial is also the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, which is one of the world’s largest libraries devoted entirely to rare books and manuscripts. We weightlessly floated through several floors of endless resources, including authentic atlases and maps of historic times. Here are some shots from the archives.