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It’s been 2 days since I came back from holiday so I’m just taking things slow. I’ve gone through and completed my geography notes for next term, and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! I also continued to work on my personal statement, which is proving to be extremely hard…

So somehow i managed to get 7A*s and 4As in my GCSEs!!! (Don’t worry, I’m aware there’s only 3As here but I got an A in my maths last year!) I have never been this happy before oh my gosh I am delighted:’) I hope everybody got the grades they wanted and deserved and if you didn’t, it’s not the end of the world❤️


Just remember, these are only suggestions and I am by no way saying my method is perfect, but this is how I’ve been taking my notes for almost two years and it’s the method I’m most comfortable with. The best thing to do is find a method that matches your learning style and needs.

1. Do yourself a favor and go and buy an entire shop worth of different coloured pens. For me, coloured pens are my best friend. I have dozens from various brands - mainly staedtler, papermate and bic - which are always used and abused on a daily basis.

2. COLOUR CODE! this makes reading your notes and finding information in a flash so much easier. The second picture is a photo of the notes I took from my school website about my Politics course. As you can see, I’ve used blue for the titles, purple for the basic information and green for all important dates and percentages. I usually use at least three colours for my colour coding.

3. Always copy down the learning intention/objective or the point in your syllabus that you are covering in that class. It is essential for revising. I actually take my syllabus and write down the date during which I completed the work for that section and basic notes - essentially the bare minimum of what I need to know, like micro notes - this is easier to do if a learning intention is placed at the top of your work, or even the number of the point in the syllabus you are covering in that class.

4. Highlights are the best thing in the world. You’ll find this out fairly quickly. They go hand in hand with using pens. Again, I assign one colour for each different element of my work. For example, I used pink for the key points of my learning intention, orange for the most important terms that are likely to appear on a test or that may need to be used in an essay - think of what might be BUZZ WORDS for an exam or piece of coursework as you read through your work, this makes doing essays, homework or flashcards so much easier - important dates are highlighted in yellow and pieces of legislation are highlighted in green. The title of any parliamentary department is in blue.

5. For all my history or politics students I find that doing timelines are great. Again, I’ve used a basic three colour system. Additional/background information is in green; this is very similar to little ‘don’t forget’ notes and can be great to revise right before a test or exam to make sure you know the basic information. All dates are in blue so they stand out as soon as you open the page. The main events are then in brown. I suggest trying to stay away from complimentary colours such -such as like pairing pink and purple together - as you won’t get such a stand out affect as I have here.

7. Although it isn’t shown here, I always write down the chapter and page number for my textbook that goes hand in hand with my notes, this helps out a ton and saves so much time [You won’t be that student who spends half the class trying to find a page in their textbook!}

Best of luck! If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a message.

Results Tomorrow! Good Luck!

What Results show:

  • That you are statistically below/above/average in your year group and that the answers to the questions were suited to how you think and what you revised.
  • You’re suited to classroom learning and exam thinking
  • ?????
  • ???

What Trying/Revision shows:

  • You’re patient 
  • You’re hardworking
  • You pay attention to others and what they are saying
  • You can listen and use advice given to you 
  • You don’t give up easily (Keep going!)
  • You care about your future and about others because your trying to make them happy by not disappointing them. 
  • You’re a sensible, rational person that knows what they have to do
  • You’re not cocky or arrogant because you understand that you can’t just rely on how great you are you have to work at it.
  • You’re prepared to pause what you want to do because other things are more important.
  • You’re confident enough to know you can do it, so don’t stop at hurdle #1
  • You have what it takes to really succeed in the world because you know you have to work towards a goal in order to achieve your dreams instead of just dreaming and waiting.
  • Unlike people who got good grades without revising YOU have the skill set to continue to do better.
  • Maybe you know that exams don’t matter that much but that they are important to unis/family remember so still kept going.

No Matter What’s In That Envelope It Can’t Change Who You Are Or What You Are Capable Of!

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