Arcanum Bellum ~ The Emperor ~ Cast

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the new era.

That’s rite. With the coming era of Limit Break so the way we play AGG will be differ. Like it or not, it’s changing. And the first even that got the impact is Guild Conquest.

As you can see from the line up, now there’s only 4 daemons. One 3* and 4*, the Reversed and Pure. Gone is magatamas, replaced by copies to limit break the card. I don’t know how people gonna react by this. Last changing – not giving complete magatamas for Fallen – was enough to cause people to rage quit. Gone also usual rewards sequences and replaced by series of summon points and.. Gold Apple ?

If you see the stat, without Limit Break Reversed and Pure is kind of weak, you need to dig into lv100 to MaxLB (MLB) Reversed. That’s not easy for most guild.

That’s right, we will be allowed to get a max of 5 cards for both Reversed and pure. And that’s also right, by not showing who’s got pure in guild-board, then you will expect a lot of drama. Or you can op to free-to-hit rules like my guild.

However I guess things are just temporary, people will adapt. By Limit Breaking old cards and make them super-saiyan like, we’re gonna facing a whole new level of events.

Btw.. I’m not really into Emperor pure. Why is male pure always a Phantom Reducer ?

What About Me?

Star vs The Forces of Evil fic

So, never written (never finished/ posted) anything but would really like to see more fics for this series. Please, somebody with more skills write something better until the show comes back.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate Jackie. Just don’t know how to write her character (or any character, honestly). 

Words: 500

Part 1Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5

The last shimmer faded and left the room dull.



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After a fanfic “our song” by Lee_Mix

Sans’ turns his head around to look at them, and Frisk simply giggles. Its rare they see him at a loss for words.

Flowey’s moved closer to the statue in their moment of shared silence, leaves gently brushing away the water that remains on the human child’s face. Frisk doesn’t interrupt.

Instead, they turn to the SOUL that decided to take a chance on caring, and playfully grab his hands.

“frisk? what are you–?”

Frisk yanks Sans closer to them. “ … Dance with me?”

Sans’ eyes narrow at their request (Frisk still isn’t sure how he does that, but Sans is a mystery worth waiting to solve, so they don’t mind being patient). “honey, you can barely walk.”

“… That’s why I want to lean on you. I feel stronger when I do.”The blue light in Sans’ eyes flicker again. “that’s … just your determination talking, sweetheart. i can’t make you stronger.”

Frisk opens their mouth to speak, but stays slack-jawed when Sans’ puts one hand on their waist.

“but i suppose i can entertain your strange little wishes for a while.” Frisk grins so wide, they feel their cheeks ache. Sans gestures with a movement of his head. “c’mon, sweetheart. put your hand on my shoulder. time isn’t going to wait for us, is it?”

Wew, finally finished that one. It is long ago that I drew something with a actual background. Also something in that size. Feeling a bit rusty. haha

I fail at drawing, I know, don’t judge me. q,q *Hope underfart-snas senpai will still notice me again wkwkwkw*

And yes, I am a sinner, I totally love to ship Sans ans Frisk and idc *runs away*. Also love Underfell!Sans and Flowerfell and idk everything in that genre. So guys … where I can sign to join the sinners club? ;p

Undertale @ Toby Fox

(Hope I do this right here, I am still new and still not sure who made what lol correct me if I am wrong)

FlowerFell @ underfart-snas

Overgrowth @ SociopathicArchangel

our song @ Lee_Mix


Idk, sort of continue (?) of this one: http://gcqaiumi.tumblr.com/post/142017478495

Basic background was that Sanei moved her sweet little Vanilla Daddy on his own Ask Blog and idk but I felt like they all lived together in one house (lol).

I am sorry if I make Fell Sans a bit too jealous, I guess I will stop now with my little comics before I make these guys even more out of character. haha

Frisk, Sansy and Vanilla Daddy by Sanei/underfart-snas


Finally joined one of Underfart-snas streams and sort of felt inspired by all the chocolate and the vanilla daddy over there. Hope you guys enjoy it.

*crawls back into the corner of shame*

Characters by underfart-snas

(Also love how snas can draw without doing a sketch … Jelly much)

(Referring to our first RP Post [together with @kenyaketchup and @thebananafrappe]


Creep!Frisk: “………..” *Dies in embarrassment*

Dalliance!sans: “… what? isn’t it true?”

Dalliance!Frisk: “DUDE, that’s not a thing to be proud of you f#%@ing jerk!”

Dalliance!sans: “hah, envy?”

It felt like a fight. Sans retaliated. “she calls you the bad voice.”

A bitter laugh. “Ha! You think I’m still ‘the bad voice’? Not anymore, Sansy, you took care of that. Didn’t you know, after you had sex with her and you left us, I was the only one she had left? She asked me how to kill herself.”

A chill down his spine. His sins on his back. And Chara seemed to notice, because their laugh started to become more cruel and genuine. They stood up to face him. “She hated that she slept with you. We both did. But you’ll always use her, won’t you—You sick freak? Well. Lucky for Frisk that I was there, or there would have been a few more Resets. You didn’t even notice she cuts herself.”—what?—“You don’t even care. I told her you don’t care and still she’s in the bad place because she wanted to Save you and, really—”

Creep by @kenyaketchup

Wew, kinda missed doodles like that. I don’t know but that sentence came in my mind when I read the passage first. hahah

RIP our cutie little cinnamon bun Frisk. </3


Also, fack my life, I accidently overwrote this one and needed draw the whole comic new in 5min ‘coz fack me again my vacations are over and I need go sooner to bed … /crying


Prelude is that I guess: http://gcqaiumi.tumblr.com/post/142150695170

Background this time was the asks on Vanilla Sans Blog: https://sans-vanille.tumblr.com/post/142195686553/are-you-all-done-yet Asking him if he likes Frisk.

I know I probably crashing the fourth wall a bit too hard here but I sort of enjoy this overreacting Fell Sans. lol Still hope this is not too hard out of character, Sanei please stop me if I do. :v

ANYWAYS again.


Frisk, Sansy and Vanilla Daddy Sans by lovely underfart-snas/Sanei.