Arcanum Bellum ~ The Emperor ~ Cast

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to the new era.

That’s rite. With the coming era of Limit Break so the way we play AGG will be differ. Like it or not, it’s changing. And the first even that got the impact is Guild Conquest.

As you can see from the line up, now there’s only 4 daemons. One 3* and 4*, the Reversed and Pure. Gone is magatamas, replaced by copies to limit break the card. I don’t know how people gonna react by this. Last changing – not giving complete magatamas for Fallen – was enough to cause people to rage quit. Gone also usual rewards sequences and replaced by series of summon points and.. Gold Apple ?

If you see the stat, without Limit Break Reversed and Pure is kind of weak, you need to dig into lv100 to MaxLB (MLB) Reversed. That’s not easy for most guild.

That’s right, we will be allowed to get a max of 5 cards for both Reversed and pure. And that’s also right, by not showing who’s got pure in guild-board, then you will expect a lot of drama. Or you can op to free-to-hit rules like my guild.

However I guess things are just temporary, people will adapt. By Limit Breaking old cards and make them super-saiyan like, we’re gonna facing a whole new level of events.

Btw.. I’m not really into Emperor pure. Why is male pure always a Phantom Reducer ?

What About Me?

Star vs The Forces of Evil fic

So, never written (never finished/ posted) anything but would really like to see more fics for this series. Please, somebody with more skills write something better until the show comes back.

Disclaimer: I don’t hate Jackie. Just don’t know how to write her character (or any character, honestly). 

Words: 500

Part 1Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5

The last shimmer faded and left the room dull.



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