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Home - Arkham!Jason x Reader

A/N: AAAAAHHHH Beauty and the Beast comes out this week so I’m celebrating it the only way I know how: by making an angsty songfic. So this one is based off the Broadway version’s ‘Home’. It’s one of my absolute favorite songs from all the iterations of Beauty and the Beast!

Word count: 1,737

You’re an idiot of the absolute worst kind.

The city had been evacuated and you were just about to get on the very last bus out of the city when you realized you had left all of your father’s research back at your apartment. Your father urged you to forget about it, that it wasn’t important but you ran off anyway before he could stop you. That research was important, he had been working on it your entire childhood and you just knew that it would change the world one day. You couldn’t just sit by and chance it being destroyed along with the city.

So you ran back into the city, knowing fully well that there would be no more evacuation buses headed out of the city and there was a possibility that you might die. You dad tried to stop you as did the officers guarding the buses but you easily slipped past them. You father tried going after you but the officers were successful in stopping him.

‘Don’t worry dad. We’ve lived in Gotham for over twenty years, I’m sure I can find a way to survive this new level of hell.’

You quickly travel back to your apartment and shuffle through the papers at your father’s desk before stuffing them, along with his numerous notebooks into your backpack. When you thought you had everything that you could possibly ever miss you left your apartment and locked the door behind you. Tightly clutching the straps of your backpack you cautiously made your way to the GCPD building. You figured that would be the safest place for you given the circumstances.

The city is in a worse state than you thought. Criminals run rampant, raiding unsecured stores and breaking into any abandoned cars left of the street. The city is empty so the city’s worms came out to feast on Gotham’s corpse.You kept your head down and tried to avoid drawing any attention to yourself. But of course you couldn’t be that lucky. A group of thugs spotted you and started following you, calling catcalls at you as they stalked behind you. Your heart started racing as you began to quicken your pace. You need to get to the police station now.

You were less than a block from the GCPD building when the thugs roughly grabbed you by the arm and shoved you against the brick wall of a building.

“Pretty and dumb. Just my type.” One of them purred in your ear. You felt like vomiting at the way they were leering at you. One of the thugs reached up and attempted to grab hold of your face but you responded by biting down on his hand. He howled in pain and whipped his gun out, pressing it against your temple.

“Fucking bitch! Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t pump your head full of lead. Gotham’s lawless now sweetheart, no one’s going to care if one bitch drops dead.” He growled, cocking the gun, fully prepared to pull the trigger. You clenched your eyes closed so that you wouldn’t see the shot coming. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard a nearby gunshot ring out but you slowly opened your eyes when you realized the shot didn’t come from the gun pressed to your head. You relief was short lived however when you saw that your attacker now had a fresh bullet hole through his temple, his expression now blank and lifeless.

You screamed in fright and shoved the corpse away from you. The body hit the pavement with a hard thud. The other attackers ran off as soon as the shot had rang out but now you were trying to run away as well. Your body ran smack into the assassin, his hands reaching out to take hold of your arms. You let out another scream which he instantly covered with his large hand.

“Do you want to get shot?” He growled through the modified voice his helmet was omitting. With tears streaming down your cheeks you shook your head fearfully. Suddenly, a car speed down the road and squealed to a stop in front of you.

“Get in.” Your new captor demanded. You were hesitant to follow his orders but at the same time you very much wanted to survive tonight. When you were seated in the car he tied a blindfold over your eyes and instructed the driver to go.

“Where are you taking me?” You asked, your voice quivering with fear. The car was silent except for the occasional chatter of the radio in the front seat. Your captor sighed and shifted forward in the seat.

“I’m taking you somewhere safe. Gotham is about to turn into a giant shit show.”

“Please. I just want to go home.” You pleaded.

“Believe me, this is the safest place in Gotham. Nothing bad will happen to you.” He swore. The car drove on in heavy silence until you eventually felt it come to a stop.

“I’m going to pick you up now. I’m not going to hurt you.” He warned before taking you into his arms and lifting you off the seat. He walked with you in his arms for a ways before he set you back on your feet, keeping a firm hand on your shoulder as if to say ‘don’t fucking run’. You hear the click of a lock and he guides you through the doorway before closing the door behind him. He steps behind you and removes the blindfold from your eyes.

You blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to taking in light again. You were surprised to find that the place he took you to looked like a cozy apartment other than the fact that there were no windows. All the light in the apartment-like bunker came from artificial light sources.

You turned to him, finally getting a good look at him for the first time. He was tall and muscular but that’s about all that you could tell about him because covering his face was a smooth that glowed blue. His whole appearance seemed soldier like and his whole appearance screamed power and control.

“Please let me go. I won’t tell anybody about any of this I swear.” You pleaded once more. Everything about this man frightened you to the bone. How the hell did you get yourself into this mess?

“This is for your own safety. You’ll be safe here for now.” He repeated. “If you need anything there are guards just outside the door.”

“Please I-” You started to argue

“You’re staying here. It won’t be safe out there for you tonight. This is your home for now.” He leaves slamming the door behind him. You rush to the door and turned the handle to find it locked from the outside.

“Let me go! Please!” You cried pounding at the door only to be met with silence. When you realized that you would be getting no help from anyone, you hung your head in your hands and slid down the door. You brought your knees up to your chin and began sobbing. You felt so hopeless and terrified. You just wanted to go home.

When you had no more tears to shed you pushed yourself onto your feet and aimlessly explored what would be your new home. You couldn’t help but to bitterly scoff at the thought. Home? How could you ever consider a place like this home?

Sighing, you walked into what would best be described as a living room and found the remote to the TV, your only line to the outside world. You changed it to the news channel only to see coverage of the carnage that was plaguing the city right now. You supposed your captor was right. There was no way you’d be able to survive up there now. If only for your survival for your father’s sake, this was the best place for you to stay.

Not that you really had a choice in the matter anyway.

Your blood boiled when the news coverage turned to who was behind all this. A photo taken from a blurry security camera was blown up on the screen. On figure was clearly the Scarecrow, the other unknown accomplice at his side was currently being debated by the commentators but you knew that striking figure from anywhere. This man who was plotting to take over the city was the same man who seemed to care enough about your safety to hide you away wherever this place was.

You felt sick to your stomach. Sick that a monster like him showed you some level of consideration, sick that this man had so much power over you and the city, sick that you were powerless to stop any of this. All you could do was sit here, locked away, and watch the horror unfold.

Savior or not, you could never forgive him for what he was doing to your city. If he thinks that sparing you from what he had planned made everything right he needs to think again.

You got to your feet and threw the remote down on the couch behind you. You had to find a way out of here and soon. You started searching the bunker for any way out. The apartment was flawless and had no clear way out other than the front door. The door was clearly not an option seeing as how the Arkham Knight’s men would be standing guard. There is no escape.

You felt a chill strike though your heart. You don’t deserve to lose your freedom in this way but you could see no way out. What you’d give to return to the life that you’ve known lately to escape this entire nightmare and just be back home at your family’s side.

But you can’t. You are at the complete mercy of this monster shut away from the world until who knows when. If you’re here for a day or forever you will never stop trying to escape. He’ll have to build higher walls around you, post an army at your door, change every lock and key before you’d ever stop trying to escape the Arkham Knight.

Merry Christmas in Gotham

Fandom: Gotham

Pairing: Edward Nygma x Reader

Warnings: None, although it is adorably fluffy.

Summary: It’s Christmas Day in Gotham and the reader gives her coworker, Edward Nygma, a book of riddles. This leads to a confession of feelings and an adorable first kiss.


Even during the holidays Gotham was a dark, dreary city. The only lights were the dim and rusting street lamps, shedding a bit of dull brightness on the snowy morning sidewalks. No one ever bothered to decorate for Christmas in Gotham and that just made your city seem even more dead. You hoped to bring a bit of holiday spirit to the dead city.

In your arms was a thin package wrapped with care in bright green paper. This flimsy, floppy gift was obviously a paperback book. Nevertheless, you clutched the gift to your chest as if it contained the most precious of jewels. A warm smile crossed your face as you thought about the gift. You knew the recipient would love it.

Shifting the gift to one arm, you flung open the door to your place of work, the GCPD. The building quickly warmed you up, and you removed your coat. Your bright presence brought a bit of light to the station. Several coworkers smiled at you and you would smile back politely. Hopping to your desk you playfully saluted your friend and coworker Jim Gordon. He waved at you before curiously pointing to your gift.

“Merry Christmas (Y/N). Shame we’ve gotta work though,” he grinned, looking over the gift in your hand. “Is that for me?”

You stuck out your tongue before scoffing. “You wish.” Walking past him you heard him snicker before calling out,

“Well, tell your boyfriend I said morning.”

You ignored the comment, although you felt your face heat up in embarrassment. You wanted to shout, “He isn’t my boyfriend, idiot!” But you didn’t, of course. Instead, you continued your stride to where you assumed your friend would be.

Honestly, you weren’t even friends with the guy. Both of you were introverted dorks, so of course you fit together like a puzzle. Everyone didn’t appreciate him like they should and they often picked on him. Just once you had defended him and ever since he’s been following you around like a puppy. Asking you riddles, complimenting your work, buying you coffee, telling you weird and random facts. You were sure he was flirting in his own way, and honestly, it was kind of cute.

So, to thank him for his kindness you had bought him a Christmas present. Nothing too big, but you prided yourself on finding such a suitable gift. You peeked your head inside of the Records Annex and smirked upon seeing him. He was examining a file, smiling as he did so.

“Mr. Nygma?” You walked into the room, holding the present behind your back and closing the door with your foot.

“Hm?” He perked up upon hearing your voice. Turning on his heel to face you, his smile widened. “Ms. (L/N)! What a pleasure to see you! Usually I’m the one tracking you down.” He chuckled at his own statement and you gave an amused smirk, prowling towards him. He bent towards you a bit and smiled. “You smell like cinnamon and peppermint.” He added as if it were normal to declare someone’s scent.

You ignored his comment. “Do you know what day it is, Mr. Nygma?” A mischievous tone drenched your voice.

“December 25th, 2015.” He nodded his head, still smiling. Your warm smell of holiday treats seemed to have put him a daze.

You shook your head with a laugh and brought the gift out from behind your back, looking up at him kindly. “Merry Christmas, Ed.”

The smile left his face and was replaced with a confused frown. He looked from the green, wrapped gift to you, to the gift and to you. He seemed to be wondering as to why you would give him a gift. His hands twitched as if he wanted to take the present from you, but wasn’t sure if he should.

“Open it.” You smiled up at him, pushing the gift into his chest.

He gave a nervous laugh before tearing the green paper off of it. “I’m sorry. It’s just, well no one has gotten me a Christmas present before and-” he froze, staring down at the book.

“A book of riddles,” he murmured, before bursting into a fit of giddy laughter.

“Here,” you laughed back, taking the book from him and flipping through it. “Let me read you one!”

“Okay!” He clapped his hands together like an excited child. His enthusiasm filled your heart with warm tingles.

“I’m tall when-” you began.

“A candle.” He interrupted.

You glanced up at him. “Let’s do another one then,” you cleared your throat. “What travels-”

“A stamp.” He announced with a triumphant expression. You smiled politely and sighed before handing the book back to him.

“How about you ask me one?” Placing your hands on your hips you looked up at him expectingly.

“Oh, okay!” He flipped through the book for a moment before suddenly taking a serious expression and closing the glossy pages together with a slap. He took a deep breath before presenting you with his riddle. “What three words are said far too much, yet not enough?”

You tapped your chin while you thought about the answer. He seemed nervous as he bit his lip and rocked on his heel. Finally, you smirked. You knew why he had asked you this certain riddle. “I love you.”

He froze and you swore the tips of his ears turned red. “I love you,” he murmured in a daze. He blinked before realizing his mistake. “-is the correct answer! Ahaha, yes, you were right! Right.” He cleared his throat.

You rolled your eyes, feeling your stomach lift with butterflies. You wrapped your arms around his neck and stood on your tip toes. “You are so weird.”

At first he seemed hurt. This was a sentence he was rather used to, and not in a pleasant way. He was about to apologize for being so weird, but your lips on his quickly shut him up.

The butterflies within your stomach multiplied and you felt unfamiliar, but pleasant chills running down your spine. Warm tingles engulfed your face and you couldn’t help the blissful smile that snuck into the kiss. Edward Nygma was certainly not skilled in this area and it showed. But the way he just kind of stood there in shock was rather adorable and the slight taste of coffee on his lips was so sweet. You felt pressure against your lips and hummed happily as he began to kiss back. After another moment, you pulled away, but just far enough to gaze into his eyes.

“Merry Christmas, Ed.”

Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader- Popping Buttons

Warning: Swearing, fighting, etc

“Hey, Birdie!” you shouted as you jumped through the oculus of the building, landing next to Robin with your gloved fists raised.  “Sorry I’m late, you wouldn’t believe how bad the traffic was to get here.”

“Tt.  This is a monastery, (Y/H/N), there was no traffic,” Robin stated, obviously annoyed.

“Sarcasm, Little D,” you smirked, grabbing your modified bo staff from your hip.  “I thought you would learn that it’s my first language.”

“English is your first language,” Damian rolled his eyes, focusing on the assailants surrounding the two of you.  “Batman will be here shortly.”

“Which means we’ll have defeated all of these ninjas by the time he gets here,” you said, rotating you staff in your hands.  “Don’t you agree?”

He smirked, “For once I do agree with you.”

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Happy Valentine’s day @scarletb1tch
I hope you enjoy the story!
This takes place 4 years after the latest Gotham episode. Oswald and have Ed have worked everything out and are secretly dating. This is one of their dates.

 Edward Nygma anxiously ran his fingers over a golden ring encrusted in diamonds, with a ruby in the middle. Ed had spent months on it, robbing several jewelry stores to find the perfect jewels. He was no jeweler, but he was the Riddler, who was smarter than any man. Well that’s what he told himself even if he was proven wrong… a lot.

Edward took a deep breath and looked up at the sky. He watched the sun slowly get lower and lower in the sky.

“Ed are you up there?” A voice asked below a trap door.

Edward almost dropped the ring while briskly putting it back into his iconic green suit. He ran over to the trap door and helped Oswald Cobblepot onto the roof.

“You’re late, Mr. Cobblepot.” Ed noted.

“You try finding this place on your own. Every building is abandoned here in this side of Gotham.” Oswald snapped back.

Edward escorted Oswald to a table he had set up for the date. The table was covered in a black cloth with silverware, ceramic plates, wine glasses and candles in the middle.

“What do you think?” Ed asked afraid that maybe he had gone overboard as usual. Normally he wouldn’t care as much, but this night had to be perfect.

“It’s beautiful Ed.” Oswald said as he sat down.

Ed took the other seat and pulled out a bottle of wine. “May I?”

“Of course.” Oswald handed his glass to Edward.

As Edward poured Oswald couldn’t help, but to laugh.

Ed looked at him perplexed. “What’s so funny Os?” He asked giving Oswald the wine.

“You said I was late, but you’re the only that’s late, 3 years late.” Oswald pointed at the wine.

Edward faked a smile. “Yeah you’re right.” He looked off into the distance remembering the day he promised he would show up to Oswald’s house with a bottle of wine. Fate had other ideas and he was taken away by a blonde headed girl. Edward didn’t know if he should tell Oswald that was the wine he bought years ago.

When Oswald realized what he had done he quickly spoke, “I’m sorry Ed. I didn’t mean t-”

“No it’s fine Ossie.” Ed’s fake smiled dropped again as he studied his lover’s face. All of his mistakes stared him back at his face. Over the years Oswald’s face and body had been the victim of terrible crimes. Most of the marks had been caused by Ed and it haunted him.

“Ed you’re staring. What has gotten into you?” Oswald asked obviously worried.

Edward suddenly stood. “Why do you stick around? I’ve done so much to you and yet you’re sitting here with me. You should just put a bullet in my head.” Ed couldn’t help it. No matter what he did there was always a voice that told him he wasn’t good enough. “I’ll hurt you again. I know I will and-”

“Edward that’s enough!” Oswald shouted. In one swift motion Oswald pulled Ed into an embrace. “I told you to never talk like that again. Listen to me Ed, you’re the only person I will ever love. You’ve saved me countless times even after everything I’ve done. If I could go back and do it all again, I would. Falling in love with you was the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Oswald held Ed tighter trying to hold back his tears.

Edward panicked. He didn’t know how to fix things, he had ruined another date. He always knew what to do, except when it came to Oswald. When he was around Oswald all reason went out the window and his head became static. “What do I do?” Edward whispered.

“Shut up and kiss me, Nygma.” Oswald cried into Ed’s shirt.

Ed was about to do as he was told when he heard two car doors slam shut.

“Jim, I’m telling you, the freak put you on another goose chase. He won’t be here. Let’s just call it a day and go get a drink.” A voice came from the street below.

Oswald and Ed both froze they knew exactly who was down there.

“Harv, we can’t just ignore this. If we don’t act quickly who knows what Nygma will do. He’s sick. Besides if you can’t handle it, you can just go. I’ll find you later.” Another man’s voice chimed in.

“And let you kick Nygma’s ass without me? Hell no.” The first man spoke again.

“Ed you need to leave now.” Oswald said with urgency.

“I’m not leaving you.” Edward said grabbing Oswald.

“Don’t worry about me. They’ll only take me to Arkham. I’ll be out in a couple of days.” Oswald pulled away and say back down at the table. “I’ll only slow you down.”

Footsteps and voices were heard from the trap door.

“Go!” Hissed Oswald.

Edward finally did as told and found a ladder on the side of the building. Oswald smiled at Ed one final time as Ed disappeared down the building.

“GCPD!” A man yelled as he busted open the trap door.

Oswald watched as two men climbed up through the opening in the roof. One man was fairly older than the other with a grey and brown beard, the younger one had slick brown hair and eyes that teared into Oswald’s soul. They immediately pointed their guns at an unamused Oswald.

“I see you still have no manners.” Oswald sighed and crossed his arms.

“Where’s the green freak, Penguin?” The older man asked clearly out of breath.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Now if you excuse me, my food is getting cold.” Oswald picked up a container of spicy mustard.

“Cut the shit, Cobblepot. I figured out Ed’s riddle. He should be here. I suggest you tell us or I can drag your ass back to Arkham.” The younger one was obviously not in the mood.

Oswald turned to both of the men. “As much as I would love to help you with whatever adventure you’re on now, I’m kind of busy currently.” Oswald said with a mouthful of food. “You’re not very good at your job, Jim. I expect this much from a buffoon like Harvey, but not you. Nygma and I are enemies. Don’t worry I’ll find him and when I’m done I’ll send you what’s left.” Oswald hoped Ed was long gone, so he couldn’t hear the terrible things being said about him.

“You say that, but here you are at a table set for two. I was there 4 years ago when you and Nygma were buddies. I know he’s here, Oswald.” Jim Gordon took out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Oswald to a pipe connected to the building.

Oswald was about to tell Gordon otherwise when he was interrupted by the Riddler’s booming voice over what sounded like a megaphone. “Detective Gordon and the other imbecile there’s still one final problem! You have 8 minutes and 45 seconds to stop my bomb from going off. I gave you more time since you have a Harvey with you, Gordon. You better hurry or all the people trapped inside will die. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

A building a half block away lit up with green.

Oswald turned back to the detectives and pleaded. “Don’t you dare leave me here. If that maniac finds me, I won’t be able to defend myself.”

“Don’t get my hopes up Penguin.” Harvey said as he quickly dropped down the trap door.

Gordon stared at Oswald as if he knew what was happening. “You can run, but I’ll find you guys.” Jim promised as he disappeared down the hole after Harvey.

Edward climbed back onto the building as the detectives raced to the green building. He quickly ran over and uncuffed Oswald.

“I told you to get out of here!” Oswald yelled.

Edward only ignored him and pulled him down where Jim and Harvey exited earlier. Once they were out of the building Ed picked Oswald up and ran. He didn’t know where he was going, but Edward knew he had to get them out if there.

“Edward Nygma stop ignoring me and put me down at once!” Oswald screamed.

Ed kept running. Tonight was the night he was going to propose. He wouldn’t let Jim or his own mistakes ruin it.

After about a mile and a half of running and taking quick breaks, Ed suddenly stopped realizing where he had taken them. The dock haven’t changed in years.

“Why do you never listen?!” Oswald shouted as he broke free from Ed.

Ed stared at the water in front of them. How could he have taken them here? Memories Ed tried to forget every night flooded into his head all at once. He heard Oswald’s voice begging him not to pull the trigger.

Oswald watched as Edward fell to the ground. “Damn it. We don’t have time for this. They’ll corner us if we don’t leave now, Ed.”

Oswald tried to push his own memories of the dock away, but couldn’t. So he sat next to Ed and watched as police lights get closer.

Oswald put his hand on Ed’s. “It’s going to okay, Eddie. We can’t let the past ruin our future.”

“You’re right Ossie, like always.” Edward smiled. What happened in the past is the past. This place doesn’t have to be a hurtful reminder. Maybe it could be a happy beginning.

Edward put his other hand into his pocket and felt the ring as Oswald stood up to face the nearing ever closer GCPD. An idea pushed its way into his head, it was crazy, but he had to do it.

“Oswald do you remember when you told me that we needed each other, that one couldn’t exist without the other?” Oswald heard Ed’s shakey voice behind him.

“Yes then you shot me.” Oswald stated coldly not wanting to remember the past.

“It took me four years to realize that you were right. I need you Oswald.” Ed’s voice was now cracking as if he was about to cry.

Oswald saw Jim running towards them in the distance. Oswald spun around to face Edward. “What the hell-” Oswald stopped mid sentence. Edward was on one knee.

Oswald choked back sobs of joy, “Edward Nygma I swear to God if you propose to me with a god damn riddle I will shove you into the water.

“What needs two to work, falls apart with one, and ends only at death?” Edward smiled proud of his riddle and pulled out the ring.

“Screw you Nygma.” Oswald sobbed.

“Is that a yes?” Edward pressed.

“Yes, you big idiot!” Oswald yelled as he ran into Edward’s arms.

“Wait Nygma and Cobblepot are a thing?!” Harvey yelled out of breath from running. Harvey opened his wallet and pulled out 20 dollars.

“I told you.” Jim Gordon sighed and took the money from Harvey.

They had a bet on if Edward and Oswald ever got together. Jim may have left the part out where he saw the two singing together in Ed’s apartment.

Edward paid no attention to the GCPD and kissed Oswald.

“Can I shoot them now?” Harvey joked wanting to go home.

“It’s too much extra paper work, Harv.” Jim sighed again.

“You’re just mad, because Nygma and Cobblepot got a happy ending, but you and Lee didn’t.” Harvey laughed suddenly enjoying the situation.

Jim turned to one of the officers. “Make sure those two are far away from each other in Arkham.” He turned back to Harvey “I need that drink now.”

“Now you’re talking. Have fun on your honeymoon in Arkham.” Harvey said following Gordon back to his cop car.

Oswald responded with a gesture that Harvey sadly didn’t see.

The Riddler and the Penguin were then apprehended and taken to Arkham. They were both out in record time.

Don’t Let Me Go (Edward Nygma)

Character: Edward Nygma

Word Count: 1046

Warnings: Depression, self-harm

A/N: So I based this one-shot off of this lovely imagine  by @fandomimaginesandconfessions. It was a bit hard for me to write myself, but I just want all of you to know, if you need someone to talk to…please come and talk to me or someone close to you ^-^

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anonymous asked:

❓ Just sprayed a green question mark on the GCPD building and got away with it. Very happy with myself, will do it again once they manage to get it off the wall. (Just because I know they're going to go through the process of cleaning it off again, eventually wearing down the wall - and I'd like to see what follows when they realize)

Okay I know what I’ve said about those green question marks in the past but this is honestly great - please let us know if anything exciting happens once they realize what you’re doing!

Headcanon #1,075

During slow nights, Bruce and his family decided to call in Clark for a game. What happens is that every member of the family receives a heart device that covers their tracks from Superman and his powers. They leave a note on top of the GCPD building telling Clark that he needs to find everyone in order to get dinner. It’s very fun and their hiding spots can be as low as the bottom of the Gotham bay and as high as Wayne Towers and they can be as far away as Arkahm Asylum to The Iceberg Lounge.

//requested through kik: Meeting Jerome at the GCPD building and he convinces you to join him as his partner to wreak havoc//

you toyed with your pocket knife as you walked into the GCPD building. you were bored and knew Gordon would be a decent distraction. you adjusted the handgun in your waistband and walked in.

you heard screams and shouts from a male voice. “Gordon!?” you called out, climbing onto the closest desk and kicking over picture frames.

you sighed and looked around. you felt someone tap your leg. you whirled and kneeled, pinning their hand to the desk with your blade. they screamed and you smirked.

“did you want to tell me something?” you asked, pretending to care. you stepped on their hand as you pulled out the knife and pressed it to their cheek. they shook their head vigorously and you nodded. “I didn’t think so.”

you pulled back your knife, leaving a trail of blood down their face. you kicked hard, knocking them on their back. you sighed as you turned and saw a young man in an officer uniform looking at you curiously.

“can I help you?” you asked, pointing pointing the bloody knife at him.

“I’m intrigued by you..” he commented and his hand hovered by the holster. you chuckled and put your blade away.

“slow down there hot shot.” you laughed and jumped off the desk, landing in front of him. his eyebrows raised and he seemed amused that you stepped to him. judging by the blood on his uniform, the desks, and on the others that were cowering behind the desk, those who had stepped to him were taken down.

“im not a threat to you and you better not threaten me.” you said, inches away from him and emphasizing how serious you were. “because I’m NOT afraid of you…"you chuckled “but you definitely should be scared of me.” you added.

“im Jerome.” he said as you turned and walked through the office. you knocked over more frames, pushing phones and keyboards over.

“Y/N.” you replied unamused and uninterested as you tapped your nails on a desk. “where’s Gordon?” you asked over your shoulder.

you felt his presence right behind you and you tensed, ready to react. “i think I’m more your type,” he commented and you could hear the smirk in his voice. his fingers grazed your exposed midriff and that was it.

you grabbed your handgun, spun on him, and held it under his chin before he had time to react, pushing him into the desk behind him. he swallowed hard and looked at you in astonishment and admiration. “read the shirt, you cocky asshat.” you said, not moving your gun and not faltering.

his eyes darted to your shirt and then back to you. a small smirk found its way to his face and you wanted to smack it off. at the same time, you were curious as to what he was capable of. it was obvious that he wasn’t what society considered ‘sane’… but then again neither were you.

“I can see it in you.” he continued bravely. “it shines in your eyes like a beacon. im…” he paused and you tilted your head in curiosity. “drawn to it.”

“and what exactly are you drawn to?” you asked, easing off and tucking away your gun.

“the crazy in you.” he whispered as he stood straight.

you laughed and adjusted your hat. “the crazy in me? and how exactly is it that obvious? my own PARENTS didnt see it in me until like… last week.” you laughed.

“well, no one in their right mind would hold a gun against me.” he laughed. you couldn’t help but smile. “besides, I have a knack for realizing these things…” he paused and looked at you expectedly. “what, no applause?” he teased.

“do you take anything seriously?“you asked with a laugh as you carved your initials into a desk, leaving a faint blood trail with it. all he seemed to do was joke.

“oh yeah.” he said with a serious nod. a few seconds later he started laughing and so did you. “let’s get out of here ” he suggested.

you laughed and pointed your blade at him again. “you… want to hang out with me?” you turned the knife as you said that, the point laying against your throat. the cool metal with still wet blood was an odd comfort.

he smiled and nodded. “you’re a different type of crazy. I like it. come on we can tear… this town… apart.”

you had to admit, it sounded fun. “alright, lets go.” you nodded and walked towards the exit. you noticed people start to poke their heads out from under their desks.

“oooone second,” you said and stopped him. you turned and everyone looked at you. you whipped out your gun and shot out two computer screens and the closest person in the shoulder.

“anyone follow us… the next bullet goes in their skulls. am I understood?” you asked, wiping the officers blood off the desk that he collapsed on. “oops. hit an artery.” you chuckled as you joined Jerome and left the building with him. Gotham was yours and NO one was gonna take it from you.


New Arkham Knight gameplay trailer, this time featuring Poison Ivy, lots of Batmobile action, and a peek at the GCPD building!