Portrait of a mass killer: The details don't add up
A mass killer’s biography usually helps explain his actions, offering hope that the next shooter can somehow be stopped. But so far, the man behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history is too much of an enigma to provide even that coldest of comforts.

I read this article and I must say… for people trying to paint a picture, they are trying their hardest to not talk about the obvious things.

It was pre-meditated attack by a White man who had the ability to buy these guns legally

And the guns themselves were not designed for personal protection, but to kill a massive amount of people, or at the very least, waste a lot of bullets. 

What patterns are you hoping to find other than another privileged White man who wanted to cause destruction? Who was able to stroll into a hotel and managed to carry a LOAD of weapons with NO questions asked?

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered. The problem is, we’re asking the wrong questions. We’re looking for that “magic bullet” (no pun intended) to stop the “next shooter”, but in reality, we’re doing everything we can to dance around the real problem… making sure that regular citizens do not get their hands on a weapon that was meant for a war zone in the first place!

And let’s not say “but if we tighten up the gun laws, criminals will be able to get the guns anyway”… THIS MAN WAS NOT A CAREER CRIMINAL!

There are so many ways we can have this conversation, but if we’re not willing to point out the obvious things, it’s a waste of time.