anonymous asked:

I'm going to download the camera mod for the sims 2 but i dont really know how to download it. Which cameras do i download im really confused with the instructions. So could you please help me? btw I have the Ultimate Collection

Hi, I’m pretty awful at explaining and most of your questions are actually covered at the download link for the camera mod, but I can try my best?

There are three different ‘versions’ that you can have of the cameras. I use the ‘No Fade No Clip’ version, so it’s the download GCM-31-A.RAR. I use all of the cameras, so I just extract them and let them overwrite all of the files in the My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Cameras folder.

I highly recommend reading over what additional information GunMod provided at the download link because there are tips/how to use instructions located there. Also, if you browse the comments section, you will probably find the answers to any other questions you might have.