Happy Valentine’s day  💫🌟💖

(me? one day late? ,,never) but ehh i wanted to spread some love for this worldwide celebration of love, so here is finally my first ff ever!!! im so grateful for all of u, you’re the best mutuals in the whole world and universe (not even being extra) i hope you know u can always hmu even if we’ve never talked, and i hope this year of 2017 is kind and fulfilling for all you<3

(this is going to be so long sorry,,)

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Bubby’s Summer of Writing

Hi! SO I REALLY need some people to request prompts and stuff for writing. I haven’t had the motivation to write my larger stories, so I need smaller one shots to help me get going. I’m going to be posting one everyday (as long as I’m not out of town) until school starts back up. SO you have time to send in a prompt or request! Please send an ask if you want to request something!

What I’m taking:

Anything as long as it is SFW! From a poem to a crack fic!  OC’s and reader inserts are welcome! I will do ships as well!


Transformers (G1, TFP, MTMTE, TFA, RiD/ExRiD)



Star Wars (Original Movies, The Clone Wars GCI, & Clone Wars Animated)

Star Trek (The Original Series & Reboot)

Titanfall 2

Marvel (MCU & Avengers Assemble)


I would really appreciate it if you participated in the requests! Thank you for your help!


Undertale Chao Garden Mod for Sonic Adventure 2


This mod includes full texture replacements for all three Chao Gardens, the Chao World Lobby, the Chao Kindergarten, Chao Raceway, Chao Karate, and a save file with the Chao seen above.

This mod requires Dolphin Emulator and an iso of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for Gamecube (for legal reasons we cannot provide this, don’t ask).

Download Link

Please check the READ_ME.txt file or read below the cut for an install guide as well as an important texture issue/glitch to keep an eye out for.

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Welcome to UChicago...

A quiet college campus where the sky is grey, the air is still and cold and every morning, raven black monsters fly from tree to tree cawing, as we all huddle closer for warmth in the Regenstein library-bunker.

Welcome to UChicago.

The sun forgot to rise this past week, causing the temperature to drop to an all time low of -60 degrees, not that any one noticed, since it is a mere 20 degrees colder than the usual temperature of our ice-wastes. The University secret police has announced that classes, are not, in fact, cancelled. Any one who fails to show up to class will be executed, or worse, expelled

A look at our community calendar: The quarterly Humans vs. Zombies game has kicked off today. The Moderators would like to remind you that attendance is MANDATORY. All students without the proper armaments are to report to the center of the Quad to receive their $5 HvZ set which includes: a Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Revolver, 2 bags of hollow-tipped rounds and several hand grenades with an accompanying launcher. Students who pay one dollar more will also receive an entirely useless but very cool looking crossbow. The Moderators would also like to remind you that this is just a game and that guns do not actually kill zombies. In fact, guns do not even kill people. Zombies are not even real, say The Moderators. Nothing is real. We are all immortal and it’s a miracle! The Moderators concluded their statement with this: all humans who claim that they have been irreversibly turned into a zombie after being bitten by one are merely hallucinating or suffering from a particularly virulent strain of Ebola. Please disregard these people. In fact, don’t even go near them, Ebola is very contagious, you know….

And now, a word from our sponsors: Do you like ipecac? Do you like illicit narcotics? Do you like vomiting uncontrollably….for science? Of course you do! You’re a college student. The DeWitt Laboratory of Human Behavioral Pharmacology of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience would like to recruit YOU to be their next study subject! Applicants must be old enough to make poor life choices and be of able and healthy constitution. All interested applicants should stand in the center of the Science Quad, facing GCIS and wave around a bag of illicit narcotics, shouting, “We want more drugs!”

Update on the sun that is failing to rise. University administrators are scrambling arrange an emergency Kuvia at the point in the hopes that the annual blood magic of sacrificing a first year in the firepits and the ritualistic “sun salutations” from the local students of the University will succeed in convincing the sun to rise again. The students of Dodd Mead are protesting this motion, as they claim they have not been given sufficient time to prepare their annual propaganda and indoctrination of their first years, and thus run the risk of losing the trophy filled with unrefined uranium traditionally awarded to the house with the greatest attendance. 

And now for some news: The Math Department, in an attempt at expanding their department’s dedication to theory over practice, have relinquished all earthly ties this last Tuesday. Several of the department’s faculty were last seen transcending their earthly bonds and transforming into strange nebulous masses of pure logic and reason. The department’s building, Eckhart Hall, has also decided to join this massive exodus from our spectral plane by becoming entirely translucent and then disappearing all together. Students trying to reach their classes in Eckhart, can still reach the building through the bridge from Ryerson or by praying in their dorm’s bloodstone circle, sacrificing a first year and writing out the proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus in their blood if they do not wish to face the cold of the ice-wastes. The Philosophy Department has gone on record criticizing the Math Department for being entirely unoriginal, as the Philosophy Department had also left behind their earthly bonds several years prior. 

 The University Secret Police called a press conference today to remind people that Greek life does not exist. They stood outside Saieh Chapel and vehemently denied the existence of these so-called “fraternity” and “sorority” organizations. They continued this denial for several minutes and through a lengthy period of questioning from the gathered press which mostly consisted of pointing at the building directly connected to the Saieh Chapel and raising an eyebrow. “Greek Life is not real” they said, “Nu-uh. What is this ‘Panhellenic’ thing you keep talking about?  Show me a fraternity! Show me one of these so-called “frat-bro” students! You are not a frat bro. What’s a frat? Who let you in here?” They then ended the press conference with the customary rounding up, arrests and filing of restraining orders against dissenting members of the press.

Today, the Hunchback that lives in the tower above Rockefeller chapel played the Star Wars theme on the bells again, followed by a series of anime theme songs and several songs made popular by the internet, Including, but not limited to “Nyan Cat” and “Darude Sandstorm” When reached for comments, he only said “I did it for Scav” and “Lol I’m so quirky lol” before scurrying back up to his nest on a gargoyle overlooking University Ave.“ 

More to come…

That is Art, Bitch, that is Art.

Let’s just take a moment to talk about the Balcony Scene in “When Fates Collide.”  The acting, as always, is out of control in how good it is.  And the writing totally matches it in this episode and in this moment in particular.  This is a truly beautiful moment of masterful literary symbolism.  They’ve taken us into an alt world.  And so we get this scene that collapses their relationship and presents it in distilled microcosm. Behold the entire early stage of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship in less than a one minute scene. 

Xena looks over, and she sees Gabrielle, unexpectedly.  She gets so overwhelmed, she basically has a panic response.  Xena hides.  She hides!  You guys, XENA hides.  Never at any point in this entire show does Xena panic, run, or hide from anything,.  Ever.  The sight of Gabrielle so overwhelms her that she responds in a manner completely unique in the spectrum of her character’s emotions.  Then Xena comes out into the light and looks at Gabrielle.  And Gabrielle gets shy and looks away, then actually goes away.  Then she comes back, looking for Xena again.   

Has anybody seen the first two seasons of this show?  How stiff Xena is at first?  How closed off she is with Gabrielle?  How she doesn’t even tell Gabrielle when she has been poisoned?  Then she ends up weeping over her body at the end of season one?  How Gabrielle goes off to Athens, then gets married for a second?  Then a handful of episodes later, the subtext marriage starts to really unfold. 

It’s the same thing collapsed into one tiny, poignant scene.  And it gives me so many feels, my heart explodes in a glorious shower of rainbow glitter and GCI Aphrodite-induced heart confetti, and I weep tears of narrative genius all over my keyboard.  I hope it waters my writing that’s kept in there.  I hope it sprouts a thousand tiny, perfect scenes just like this one. 

hex girls gc

i thought it would be a super cute idea to make a lil gc for a group of girls who want some friends! so if ur a girl / identify as a girl follow the instructions below!

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Go serve the forces of good. Just make sure your boss’s boss isn’t hailing the nonprofit equivalent of Hydra.

4 Ways Hipster Activism Hurts the People It’s Trying to Help

#4. Being Exploited by Evil

See, idealistic, activist-y young folk are probably the most likely people to get scammed, because the one constant in this world is that any opportunity to make money will immediately be swarmed by a marauding band of vampiric squid-demons. One of the worst of these hellish cephalopods is Grassroots Campaigns Inc., a company that’s found a niche as the middleman between nonprofits and idealistic college kids. … GCI doesn’t actually pay either group. They pay the kids they hire minimum wage (or sometimes less, allegedly) while expecting them to work criminal fucking hours collecting donations. And then, once those donations are amassed, they rarely manage to find their way to the nonprofit they were collected for because, as a for-profit business, GCI is just better at screwing people over than a nonprofit ever will be.

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On the meaning of True Love, the Coveted Kiss, and that Captain Swan Tackle

There seem to be mixed feelings about the lack of a TLK for Hook and Emma’s True Love moment in “Firebird”. Many were hoping for that coveted GCI rainbow even thought there was no curse to be broken. And there seems to be a lot of confusion of what True Love or the kiss really means in a season where we’ve had so many.

This season alone we’ve had:

  • Brennan Jones - a total shit - gets a TLK with a woman he never met. They literally fell in love while he was ASLEEP.
  • Belle French - willingly put herself under a sleeping curse expecting her father - who at one point she told she never wanted to see again - to wake her up.
  • Ruby Slippers - knew each other for a matter of hours. Were never in a relationship or even shared their feelings for one another.
  • Hades and Zelena - Hades fell quickly, I’m buying that because it happens often enough on this show, but Zelena kisses him because she’s “starting to see that he’d do anything for her” and it breaks his curse?

Is that really all it takes these days?

We’ve also had a few situations in which True Love couples tried and failed to break curses - either because both parties were cursed (both Rumbelle and Captain Swan), or because one party didn’t want their curse broken (again, Rumbelle and Captain Swan). 

That’s a lot of curse breaking kisses and attempts for one season. And there’s still a curse on Storybrooke that needs to be broken in order for the residents to leave without being turned into trees. So we can probably expect at least one more.

So what does that say about the rarity of True Love - or of True Love’s Kiss?

Maybe it isn’t very rare at all but curses that can be broken by True Love are? 

It’s unlikely that Hades and Zelena will get a happy ending - clearly his True Love for her doesn’t drive him to make choices that are in her best interest or what she desires. His love may be True, but it’s also selfish. Which tells us that “True Love” relationships aren’t always healthy - because maintaining the relationship requires being selfless and willing to fight for one another. 

Like Snow White said “If True Love were easy everyone would have it”.

All this begs the question: What is True Love? 

People often talk about it as if it’s a person or a relationship - but it seems to be more of an emotion shared between two people - one that can come and go. It’s not necessarily permanent. It takes work, the kind of work Emma and Hook have been putting into their relationship all along. We may get another True Love confirming moment for Emma and Hook  - one that breaks a curse - maybe we won’t (I suspect we will). But perhaps that was by design and the nature of their “test” is telling us something about the nature, and confirmation, of True Love.

Because this isn’t the first time we’ve seen them “pass the test”.

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