Species: Old Melo
Keyword: Child/Chibi Superhero
2-3 Colors: Red, Blue and Gold I guess (artistic freedom to change)
gabsph (#12544)

Welp, first one done from my 5th GCC list. I had a blast with this one. I went for a kiddy superhero badass pose and tried my best to make the colors work without ripping off any copyrighted superheroes. The thing on his chest is meant to be an M in a heart XD


Just to help people understand waitlists for GCC designs.

The first screenshot is of the FULL first page of my artist page. As you can see, I have 5 pages of requests. You can also see the dates for the requests on this page date back to Nov 12th, and there’s already half a page of Nov 28 tickets on this page. Page 2 is ALL Nov 28 requests, and page 3 only goes as far as Dec 1st. That means there is practically 3 whole pages of November requests waiting to be done.

Now, the second image shows the requests I’ve completed. As you can see, I mostly go in order by dates. I also like mixing up my genuses, and sometimes I’ll take a newer one if the prompt screams at me to be done/I have instant ideas for edits and know I can complete it as soon as I grab the request.

It’s been a month and a half since the deal began, and I’ve done 17 requests. And yet still have stuff pending from Nov 12th.

PLEASE BE PATIENT! Do not expect your prompts to be grabbed quickly, you’re looking at basically a month of wait time MINIMUM, but more like a month and a half atm, and it’ll prolly go up to 2 months once December is over from the influx on Chrismas.

If you don’t want to wait that long, then don’t choose any artists and let your prompt be open to all artists. There are some artists on the team with very small lists who can finish your design quicker!