Also… finished my 10th GCC! This one was for Libelle who wanted a sitting doe with purple lilies. Had to look at a lot of references for this one, but I’m rather proud of the sitting pose <3

Also note, you gotta search for sitting deer, not… doe. Or else you get something completely different.

Edit: Uhm hello, seems this got radar’d! For those of you checking in, this deer edit is a pet for the petsite Aywas, which is a site for collecting pets like this. You can collect, edit and breed these pixels, and it has a rather diverse community that many tumblr-ites would enjoy!


GCC Ticket - Xaoc tribal tattoo mage

Wooo another xaoc designed by me XD I was hesitant to grab this one at first cuz the theme is a tricky one. But I think I pulled it off quite well <3 I love how the tattos and colors came out specially!

My GCC/MDT queues are very low, I am being a bit picky for now while I’m on Eggnog and will likely pick tickets I think I can finish within a day or two first (independent of ticket level).


GCC Ticket - Onihime

I’ve been trying out a new style these past few weeks so had put GCC on a backburner while I worked out the kinks. So this is the first ticket I do in the new style. It’s slightly quicker for me, and has a softer feel overall without being too noticeably different at a glance, which is nice. Really happy with how this melo turned out, seems like everything I’ve been drawing lately has left me content and I APPROVE XD

This is also the last December ticket I had. So unless stragglers add me to their ticket, I’m FINALLY in 2015 in terms of my list rofl.


Last batch of head sketch commissions for 3 clients. I’m available if you need birds and furry mammal portrait paintings and sketches. Please check my price guide HERE. Or, PM me your pet photos for exact quote. Thank you. :)

Sooo i have one more gcc ticket and i’m looking for something pretty….unique? basically an amalgam of fungi that i’m thinking can either be growing out of the pet or maybe the pet is a herbal collector?

I have no idea what genus to go with and i’m only limited by the very rare species so i’m looking for someone on the gcc team who wants to work with me on this! I don’t care if it turns out mystical, spooky etc i just have a sudden need to have this pet!

SO if you’re on the team i don’t care whether i have to wait months to get it done so even if you have a long list if something like this strikes your fancy let me know so i can get this is the works!

going to include images of the fungi below a cut just in case any are trigger worthy since one is the bleeding tooth fungi.

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