Also… finished my 10th GCC! This one was for Libelle who wanted a sitting doe with purple lilies. Had to look at a lot of references for this one, but I’m rather proud of the sitting pose <3

Also note, you gotta search for sitting deer, not… doe. Or else you get something completely different.

Edit: Uhm hello, seems this got radar’d! For those of you checking in, this deer edit is a pet for the petsite Aywas, which is a site for collecting pets like this. You can collect, edit and breed these pixels, and it has a rather diverse community that many tumblr-ites would enjoy!


Last batch of head sketch commissions for 3 clients. I’m available if you need birds and furry mammal portrait paintings and sketches. Please check my price guide HERE. Or, PM me your pet photos for exact quote. Thank you. :)

Species: Old Melo
Keyword: Child/Chibi Superhero
2-3 Colors: Red, Blue and Gold I guess (artistic freedom to change)
gabsph (#12544)

Welp, first one done from my 5th GCC list. I had a blast with this one. I went for a kiddy superhero badass pose and tried my best to make the colors work without ripping off any copyrighted superheroes. The thing on his chest is meant to be an M in a heart XD