Cuddles between my two conures.

Please make duaa that Allah protects the people of Yemen and my family there too,

As if the drones raining down from America or the Houthis raiding towns or the the suspected ISIS bombs killing and injuring around 500 people weren’t enough,  they now have Saudi Arabia already unleashing air strikes with Jordan agreeing to provide air jets for the operation. Lets hope this ends before Yemen becomes the battleground for a Saudi-Irani war.

Allah yi7meeki ya yemen. 

May allah protect all the innocents caught in the crossfire of wars to satisfy bloodthirsty, evil, evil people. From Syria to Pakistan to Palestine to CAR, may Allah keep you all safe. 

C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1 - Getting started

C++, Short and Sweet, Part 1 – Getting started

A short version of c++ mobile optimized video training with example

Let’s start the journey from installing c++ and an IDE (Eclipse) to the complete c++ 11th version.

C++ is an Object oriented programming language that can be used to create modern desktop software, game development or even critical system drivers too. You will find out that most trading applications are designed in C++…

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