Great Chesapeake Bay Swim

This isn’t going to be a long race report.  I did this to complete, not compete.  I couldn’t swim a 25 seven years ago.  Now I’ve worked up to 4.40 miles.  Or in my case 4.74 miles.  I’ll get to that.

This swim is between the two spans of the bridge.  Go outside the spans = DQ.  I couldn’t have asked for better conditions.  71 degree water temperature.  Calm.  Current not necessarily an issue. 

The beach start made the first mile crowded.  Everyone is funneled through two buoys to get under the bridge.  I thought I was a rock star when I hit the first mile marker in 26 minutes. 

It really thinned out during the second mile.  The bridge pylons get further and further apart.  Kind of had the place to myself.  I stopped to look around because by the third mile I hadn’t seen another swimmer in 10 minutes. 

My pace had really slowed during the middle to end.  Not just from being tired.  The current kept me continually adjusting.  Not exactly a straight line.  There’s definitely an art to open water swimming.

Towards mile four the pylons get closer and closer, and they’re numbered.  Made for a nice distraction to count along with them.

The final stretch is outside the bridge.  The water gets shallow enough to walk.  Didn’t want to do that.  Afraid I might not get going again. 

4.74 miles in the books.  Overall, close to my target time.

Today in history, 27th August 1979 - Admiral of the Fleet Louis Francis Albert Victor Nicholas Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, KG GCB OM GCSI GCIE GCVO DSO PC FRS got himself blown up tae fuck by the IRA

doreablack-potter  asked:

can I request Dick meeting the GCB girls for the first time?

To be perfectly honest, Dick wasn’t really expecting anyone else to even be in the house when he showed up to help Amy study for a math exam, in exchange for some help with biology.

Pamela let him in, calling over her shoulder: “Amy, Dick’s here!”

There was a loud “Oh, shit!” that gave Dick the feeling that she’d forgotten about their study session and a moment later it was obvious why.

There was a cluster of girls in the living room that Dick had never met before but had seen countless images of on Amy’s twitter. They were all looking at him in surprise as Amy dropped her phone.

“Richard! I totally forgot!” Amy looked so horrified that Dick couldn’t help but forgive her.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, not liking the keen interest that the girls were displaying. “I can come back later-”

“Oh, we can leave,” the girl with the tongue piercing said, grinning widely. “Wouldn’t want to get in the way of…?”

“Dick,” Dick said shortly, “Dick Grayson.”

The stares intensified. 

“Really?” the girl with the Star of David around her throat inquired with a sharp eyebrow. She glanced to Amy who rolled her eyes, making it clear that Amy had mentioned him and they hadn’t believed her.

Amy sighed. “Richard, that’s Adara and Sabine,” she pointed out the first and second girl, “Sofia’s in the corner,” the third gave a small wave, “and Nadira.” Nadira was easily the prettiest and Dick half-wished that Kaldur had come along because he was certain their esteemed leader would’ve been tongue-tied.

“Now, good bye!”

Amy pushed them out of the house and they left with a laugh and Dick heard someone yell: “Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!”

Amy rolled her eyes and Dick smiled.

I miss my babies. Last night I had school dreams. They weren’t nightmares or anything. I just miss my new babies. We were/are in the honeymoon phase of being together before Harvey hit. And I have no clue how they were affected. The principal e-mailed everyone earlier today to say they did a drive-by. They didn’t see any evidence of flooding, but possible roof leaks in the cafeteria and auditorium. Which is more than I can say for my bestie whose school library was decimated and then some. 

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Happy Birthday, Bruce Boxleitner! (May 12th, 1950)

Free French Air Force’s Dewoitine D.520s over southern France, (probably) late summer of 1944.

The Dewoitine D.520 was the French Air Force’s best single engine fighter at the outbreak of WWII. Slightly slower than the German Bf 109, it was however more maneuverable, and in greater numbers it could have caused a lot of headaches to the Luftwaffe, but as it were, of the 246 produced by May of 1940, only 34 D.520 were among the 609 front line fighters available to face the 3500 Luftwaffe aircraft. By the end of the French Campaign, 437 had been built of which 106 had been lost in combat, claiming in turn 108 kills and 39 probable. The surviving aircraft would be used by the German, Italian, Bulgarian and Vichy Air Forces and see combat against the Allies in Italy, the Eastern Front, North Africa and Syria.

In the summer of 1944, when the Allies invaded the south of France and rapidly moved north, a number of D.520s, in use by the Germans as trainers, were captured and formed the base of two fighter-bomber groups of the Free French Air Force: GCB II/18 ‘Saintonge’ and GCB I/18 ‘Vendée’.

Albeit still wearing a German camo scheme, the Dewoitine D.520 was once again flying French colours in combat with both groups flying in support of FFI units in southern France, and later against the German Atlantic pockets.

Colorised by Rui Manuel Candeias)

This is the only picture you’ll ever see of General George S. Patton punching Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel in the chin while Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein, KG, GCB, DSO, PC has him in an armlock


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🇺🇸A little bit of our training in #Medellin #colombia 🇨🇴. 🇧🇷Um pouquinho do nosso treinamento em #Medellín #Colombia 🇨🇴 . 🇫🇷Un petit peu de notre entraînement à Medellin #Colombie 🇨🇴. #capoeira #capoeirabrasil #gcb #fit #capoeirabrasilcolombia #capoeiradtla #grupocapoeirabrasil #capoeiramedellin #capoeirabrasilmedellin #fitnessaddict #fitness #brazilllianmartialart #tesoura #mestrepaulinhosabia #tmj (at Medellín, Colombia)

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