Greatest pieces of advice ever given to me:
  1. “Be a blessing” : Just three short words that were sewn into my head at graduation. But what does that even mean? It means to do what is good and right. It means to become all that you are meant to. It means to help someone and touch their life. It means to be a blessing to this world and make a name for yourself. 
  2. “Dreams aren’t free” : Just three short words from an episode of Glee. It is always there to remind me that my dreams aren’t free. Big dreams come at a big cost and to achieve them, I need to work hard for them. Slacking off just isn’t an option. It’s time to find my dreams and make it there. In order to do so, I need to work hard in my classes and activities and make this time I have to prepare one to remember. 
  3. “Appreciate the little things” : We’re all guilty of it. We all go day by day not taking a second to appreciate just what God has set out for us. Whether it be the beautiful stars in the night sky or that opportunity that has come knocking. Take a moment to appreciate those things because those are the things that make living life just so much more worth while.
  4. “Be happy, Be strong” : Something that I have more come to realize is the pointlessness of being sad. Maybe you failed a test, or maybe your significant other broke up with you. There’s a way and a reason. It’s okay to be sad, but it is the being strong part that will help you to pull through and be happy again. Get through everything and be happy, be strong. There is something in every day to be happy about.
  5. “Be proud of who you are” : You are you and you is worth something. Every one of those little flaws you see in yourself make you into a great person, the person you are meant to be. Take those as a gift and use them to their full advantage. You are you and no one else can be you any better.
  6. “Hakuna Matata (No worries)” : Maybe this isn’t as much advice as inspiration. I worry so much and it isn’t exactly a good thing. Sometimes you have to step back and realize that there really isn’t anything to worry about. Things will get better through whatever and you will succeed. Just because there is a class that you are struggling in or problems at home stressing you out does not mean things won’t get better. 
  7. “Keep an open mind” : Try something totally wrong for you. Who knows? Maybe it will end up being the greatest decision you ever made. Take time to find something that you enjoy and find a group of people that will help you to become all you can be. Don’t just shut out people right away because you dont think they are the right friends or the right club. Take a chance.
  8. “Trying actually means you have the intention to fail, so don’t try, just do” : said by one of my best friends ever. Similar to what Nike has always said, Just do it! Don’t second guess yourself, just take chances and be the best you can be!
  9. “Why not?” : simple as that. If you have to ask yourself why, also ask yourself why not. Oh, you don’t know how it will work with that guy? Go out with him, why not? Oh, you don’t think you can take a risk? Well why not? Go for it. 
  10. “Tell people how you feel” : Not always the easiest thing, trust me, I know. But let people know that you appreciate them. Put a smile on their face. Write a letter to an old friend that impacted your life. Thank your parents. Let people know what they mean to you. Make sure they are aware of the impact they have had on your life. 
Everyday I get a fortune cookie at the dining hall.

There’s also this guy that gcbett is pretty sure likes me.
I mean… I wasn’t sure, but I see it now.
And, won’t lie, kind of like him.

So fortune cookies.
Yesterday, his at dinner was something along the lines of,
“You will take a chance on something in the near future”
Mine today at lunch was:
“You will always have good luck in your personal affairs.”
And even better, tonight at dinner, mine said,
“A kiss makes the heart young again and wipe out the years.”

Coincidence? I think not.
We’ll see I guess.