NYU Center for Spiritual Life


The Center for Spiritual Life offers a myriad of religion based programs and events, but what they offer a few times a week to all NYU students is FREE YOGA CLASSES!!

Through the Mindfulness Project NYU offers yoga and other body-based practices several times during the week. These classes are taught by certified, dynamic, experienced teachers from all over the city. Classes focus not just on physical fitness and health but also on connecting to our center and finding peace through meditation-in-movement. The Mindfulness Project also hosts special yoga/movement workshops and programs for the NYU community.

If you’re looking to unwind after a long day of hitting the books I highly recommend checking out one of the yoga classes offered at the Center for Spiritual Life at NYU!!


- Click here for scheduling info: http://www.nyu.edu/life/student-life/diversity-at-nyu/spiritual-life/mindfulness/yoga.html



  •  Should I bring my own mat?
- We provide mats for all yoga practitioners. However, it is important to note that mats are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  •  Can I drop in, or should I register ahead of time?
- You are more than welcome to drop in on a class. Registration is not necessary
  •   I am affiliated with the University. If I bring my NYU ID, is it free?
- Yoga classes are free for all those with a current, active NYU ID. Make sure to bring the ID with you.
  •  I am not affiliated with the University. How much will it cost?
- If you do not have an NYU ID and are still interested in attending, please bring a suggested $10 to cover the cost of the class. 


- Gabrielle, OL

World AIDS Day Commemorative Brunch+Book Drive

World AIDS Day Commemorative Brunch and Book Drive (Free!)
 Go to the World AIDS Day Commemorative Brunch, located in the Grand Hall of the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life (GCASL).

Learn more about the history of the HIV/AIDS crisis in NYC, watch the opening segment of Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America,” and participate in a conversation with fellow NYU students in New York and Abu Dhabi as we consider the complicated role of faith, politics, and sexuality in the history of the HIV/AIDS crisis. Donate a new or used book to help eliminate HIV/AIDS and homelessness.

To attend this brunch, RSVP to spiritual.life@nyu.edu

Favorite Study Spot: GCASL

GCASL, or The Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, is a great place for those who are looking to study somewhere around Washington Square Park as a calmer alternative to Bobst Library. There are five floors, each which have lounges with comfortable couches and beautiful views of the park and surrounding architecture. GCASL is also home to many of NYU’s club activities and spiritual services.

-Jerry, OL

GCASL: The Castle of Serenity Admist Commotion

The Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life is a brand-new building.  Whenever I attend an event or class in GCASL, I always look forward to the ambiance of a chic environment and a clean cut design.  The rooms are outlined with wall-windows, looking out to the beautiful scenery of Greenwich Village or Washington Square Park.  Often times, I like to visit GCASL for prayer meetings on the 4th floor, where there is a meditation room, basking in natural light.  Besides prayer meetings, there are many events and meetings that are held by spiritual organizations, often found in this building.  If ever in need to speak with a chaplain or other spiritual leader, I can visit their offices on the 4th floor!

External image

The meditation room, GCASL 472

-Yenmin, OL