gc takeover

bellejolras  asked:

hey go watch the gc instagram takeover. it's all important and good but mostly there's one bit you'll like in particular (exaggerated wink)

worst things about the azudi’s instagram takeover:

  • dave malloy choking blaine (as anatole)
  • nicholas belton and his arms
  • nick choksi half singing the lines to preparations as he takes blaine and pushes him against the railing while dashingly looking into the camera and smiling
  • that one picture with all the soldiers and nick is squinting and looking foolish
  • sumayya ali jumping against the wall and nick in the background turning around and putting his hands on his cheeks dramatically
  • that one black and white picture of dave. just. as a concept. 
  • nicholas belton not wearing a shirt (specifically him saying “fists of fury!”)
  • dave malloy choking LUCAS 
  • azudi and nicholas doing their fight call in a very small hallway and nicholas hanging up his phone, screaming, and then punching azudi in the gut 
  • the sheer fact that i had to watch dave malloy seize two (2) separate people with his big, big hands 

This is just too beautiful. I can’t help but cry.