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Dodie gc members!

after a bit, i finally have decided on who’s going to be in the dodie gc! tysm to everyone who applied, you all are so lovely and i really enjoyed reading your apps! the gc will be held on telegram and I’m in the process of messaging the members to get their usernames/phone numbers! if you have any concerns, please message me! now, here are the members:

@starmadephan | wallace | they/them

@hobbithair | diana | she/they

@justawannabepunkkid | ethan | he/they

@litraleehowell | emily | she/her

@phandum | monica | she/her

@starryhtml | nate | he/they

@pugjumper | emer | any

@disgustinglygay | emma | she/her

@nasa-howell/ @legjesus | stas | she/her

@abstract-howell | ava | she/her

@melmelatonin | ari | she/her

@artisticdodie | julie | she/her

@snugglyphil | zoe | she/her

@danieldremsx | bella | she/they

@sonicpng | tommy | she/her

triggers/topics to avoid: death, suicide, self harm, fire, blood, eating disorders, panic attacks in detail, drowning, drug use, addiction, graphic injuries, loud sudden noises, fat used negatively, gore, rape, sex

im so excited for this gc and i hope that you all are too!