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it’s been a while since the amazing harold wore his iconic sandals and socks but hey it’s never too late to come together to scream about what a fashion icon he is and to overall just talk about how much we love harry!!


- must follow me and yas

- pls fill out this typeform

- reblog this post

- must have whatsapp

- love both harry and louis we won’t tolerate hate towards anyone <3


- amazing new friends like me!! and yas

- people to support your high quality posts and selfies

- i mean, screaming and crying about harry is a blessing in itself

- all the memes

- this is 100% a safe space

any questions may be directed towards either myself or yas :D we’re gonna be picking people when this gets enough notes but if it doesn’t this never happened and yas and i will scream about harry’s sandals and socks alone


Hi loves! So we have no idea why we didn’t do this sooner but here it is, we finally made a bottom louis gc 💓


  • reblog this post (even if you aren’t joining, please reblog so others can see it!)
  • have a whatsapp
  • fill out this typeform

  • be a larrie (and of course a bottom louie)
  • be okay with nsfw content


  • new friends/mutuals!
  • more people to like/reblog your stuff
  • a place to scream about bottom louis
  • a happy and safe space/outlet
  • kinky stuff

The gc will be smol, but we’re not sure with the number of people yet. When we’ll pick depends on how many notes this post gets.

Eika is really busy compared to my schedule so if you have any questions, please feel free to message/ask me! but if this won’t get notes ignore it

Hey!! Chanz and I decided to make a new gc + book (fic) club. It’s just a place for us to yell about the boys and read some great fics and yell about them too!!


  • Reblog this post.
  • Follow Chanz and me if you want to!
  • Fill out this form.
  • Should be a larrie (obvi)
  • Be nice, be good like Harry says. (just don’t be a little shit)
  • Must have Whasapp.

Rad perks:

  • New friends/mutuals to yell along with!!!!
  • More fics to read!
  • People to reblog selfies, posts and edits.
  • A fun time!

We’ll pick 5-7 people a week from today, the Valentines Day. If you have any questions, pop in either Chanz’s or my inbox. Thank you so much!