gc fest

I’ve been really overwhelmed with love lately…

… and I just want to like give like a shout out to some people because ya’ll are the bomb dot com and I love you guys. I genuinely appreciate you guys so much for following/being there for me or even caring to mention me or talk to me.

warning this is probably gonna be long as hell RIP

@luois - you’re literally so important to me idk if you have any idea. I’m sorry if at times I may come off as being annoying but I love and appreciate you for sticking it through and caring about me. I literally don’t ever stop planning about what I’m gonna be sending you for Christmas and no, I have not forgotten about it. I am determined to send it. I love you so much

@lyinginthedark - I’m really thankful for the first time you messaged me on here. I really needed someone to talk to and I really appreciate that you came to me to talk shortly after and now we’ve blossomed into what we are now. I seriously considered dropping my life here and moving to Australia over you and I’d totally do it if it meant I wasn’t leaving my moms. You’re so beautiful and important and I love you lots.

@warmlou - I may torture you about your straightness a lot but you’re honestly one of my favorite people and I’m so glad you mistaked me for @twoholigayghosts because our names are the same because you brought me to this amazing group chat who love and accept me and I’ve never felt so much love from you and this group chat before. Also we’re a fucking power duo and I’d say a power couple if you were fucking straight and if I actually ever went into relationships. But you and I are a team and I can’t wait to continue to know you.

@teentomlinson - I genuinely love how much you and I laugh together you’re so fucking fun??? And I cannot wait to meet you next year we’re gonna be unstoppable you and I. If I end up staying at yours we’re gonna literally have a blast I already know it and I think about you a lot. I love you more than you know.

@lgbtqiastyles - I really really really love the amount of effort you put into talking to me and I’m such shit conversation and I’m sorry. But I truly truly appreciate you. You make me feel important and I’m glad you’ve reached out to me. I can’t wait to continue talking to you.

@loistomlinon - I could just tell you this IRL but I love you and I know you already know this.. but i appreciate you’re aggressiveness to getting me to stop hating myself and stop dragging myself constantly. I see you as one of my biggest supports and I miss you so much i can’t wait for you to come back home.

Special shout out to our MOOD LOVE FEST gc - @larryisntgaylol @hohohoelouis @warmlou @twoholigayghosts @lovelylarrie @teentomlinson @angelicdevil001 @parisian-cigarette @heartofmusicandgold @maryfefs666 @osnaptomlinson @harriegucci @panacottalarry (i think i may have left out one person??} I love you all so much, thank you for adopting me into your group chat ive felt nothing but love from you all. Im not joking when i say i want to hug every. single. one. of. you. and kiss you all over.

Also love to:

@louislittlefeetsies @jollystyles @spacelou @supportivebfs @kittenlouisunshine @harryfeatfrankocean @rainbowstyles @larrysgem @dashinglou @sleigharry @blushlouie @louiechristmas @harriechristmas @rainboobearharry @gaysott @kiwibeau @louismas @dance-for-awile @poweredbycreativityandcake @thegayankle @harbb @harryandlorde @hooferharry @eightiesau @harryfeatlouis @holotour2017 @rosebhd @coupleofspirits @kiwisinnewyork @underdoglou @wlwharrie @sweet-creature-mp3 @rainbowsboa @harryomgstyles @tylerchokely @rhuubarb @hstour2017 @harrys-avocado @softlou @savagelester @jollystyles @soulmateghosts @polarilou @proudhl @stylishirish @gimmiesomeghostie

ya’ll are either people i’ve seen a lot of or who’ve cared to talk to me and who i have a huge amount of love for even though i may not talk to often. I see you!

I’m so so so sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone in this, i may reblog this later with a few additional bubs