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hippo campus pictures as ads (thank u @ the bippo cambus gc for making me laugh at the idea of nathan as a model. and then this happened.)

featuring Levi’s (Go Forth campaign), Converse (Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign), Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

don’t delete caption please!

the ultimate ‘pick someone supportive’ GC!!!

i couldn’t post this when everyone else was sharing their love a few days back, but i just had to make one and i wanted to take my time on this because my lovely mutuals, or as i call them, my “lovelies”, deserve so much love.

it’s been exactly a month and a week since I’ve known most of you (at the time that i am writing this), and i think we all can agree it feels like a lifetime. so here’s a dedication post to each of my OT14 lovelies.

@kiwiau @twoghostsau

Yu and Mel: you guys are like the jesus of this gc (no, not the daddy jesus…he’s different ;)) but seriously tho, thank you for creating that one ‘aimh gc’ post and adding the lot of us. it’s the perfect gc ever! (also, you guys are so cute with your matching urls and shit…OTO for life…geddit? oto…haha i should shut up) i will never stop with the yu and mel puns bec…YU AND MEL, GOT A WHOOOLE LOTTA HISTORY, woa-oh! okay i should really shut up


Afsana: i will never not think of you as ‘chillin hmu boiii’. (literally so glad i brought your status up and it became a meme!) YOU WERE LEGENDARY BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN TALKING IN THE GC!!! but anyways i love you so much and I’m so glad we reached out to you and got you to talk haha you’re the cutest and you deserve all the love this gc throws your way!


Ash: my beti, i love you so much. you are such an amazing human and i love how we get along so well. I’m so glad you were in this gc!!! and let’s not forget our iconic moment…? you know which one babe. (“that’s me!!!”) like literally I’ve been wanting to talk to you since forever and then i get put into a group with you without even knowing IT’S YOU! iconic. let’s not forget what else is iconic…how we can make unnecessary people…you know, disappear ;) iconic. name a more iconic duo i dare you!


Chanz: if i remember clearly, ash had added you in the group, and tbfh, i am so fucking glad they did. if it weren’t for them, our gc wouldn’t have been blessed with a 14th member to complete our perfect OT14! you are so adorable and i am so glad i know you. and never forget to take your daily chonz!!! (ok but speaking about puns, i still always laugh at my “cloudy with a CHANZ of meatballs” pun i just had to!)


Chastity: i would like to take a second and talk about just how cute you are at times! something about you just makes me smile so much and every time you say something I’m like “wow I’m blessed!?” you’re literally the sweetest and you deserve to be showered with love!!! so glad you’re in this gc ahhhh! (also, all your ficrecs give me life, and so do the things you write, just like you give meaning to my life!) also, i hope the conjoined twins plan to the concert is legit bec I’m ready to go!


Dee: my other beti, you are so precious. literally you make me blush so much with your compliments! you being in the group makes me so damn happy you have no idea! (can we talk about how you rock your sarees?! LIKE WHAT A FREAKING MODEL!!!!!!) we have got to meet soon tho babe we’re only like 30 freaking minutes away its crazy! i wanna eat pani-puri tho so keep that in mind. the perfect date, with my perfect love, especially now that your exams are over.


Eva: EVA DARLING! apart from the fact that you’d be such an amazing teacher, you are such a beautiful human being and you deserve so much respect! I’m so glad you’re in the gc!!! and your photography skills are so underrated (also…asdfghjkl…you know what that means so i needn’t explain more) I’m always so happy when you’re happy bec that is what you deserve!!!


Kyleigh: leigh bby, i want to take a second to appreciate just how beautiful you are. like from all the pictures I’ve seen of you, you are such a gorgeous human being, like what a model!!! your fashion sense is just asdfghjkl :’) you’re also a really great photographer and you deserve so much appreciation for that!!! literally!!!!(i also freaking remember the amount of fics you rec’ed when the group first came together ahhh lovely times :’)) keep smiling ilysm


Olivia: firstly, the loml, I’m not kidding when i serenade you with “i liv for you, i long for you, olivia”, because i mean it. secondly, I’m so glad you’re in this gc ugh! you are so lovely and gosh, from what I’ve seen, really pretty too!!! (love that you follow so many aesthetic blogs, and also, you’re like a big tumblr account so I’m kinda blessed to even be in the same gc as you!) keep lighting up my world pls :’)


Sabine: you freaking cutie, i am so so so glad you’re in this group literally you’re so adorable and my favourite german friend!!! (the plan of smuggling ash into the concerts is on right? bec imma join too!!! also, remember when i first heard your name and said it was like that woman from mr.bean? haha i love your name so much) although we’re miles and miles and miles apart i’d still be happy to give an arm and a leg to meet you!!!!!!


Trista: tris sweetheart, you are just so precious! I’m just so glad you’re in this gc bec EVERYONE LOVES YOU! Literally everyone freaking loves you and i love you too (after all, i am your only angel :D) you are such a sweet sweet creature human being and you deserve all the freaking love that comes your way!!! keep being the beautiful you!


Victoria: you little angel, i know you’ve gone through so much and you still are, but i want you to know that i’ll always be right here! whenever you want, we’re all ready to help you! we’re always here to listen and talk to you and it hurts that you might never see how much happiness and love you truly deserve. (here’s a little line for you “if i let you know I’m here, for you, maybe you’ll love yourself like i, love you!” hope this makes you smile like you make all of us smile) keep being the precious gem you are!


phew, that was an emotional ride, innit?


I am the happiest, proudest, most loved mother there is, all because of the 14 of you precious beans, and its literally exactly midnight right now(again, it’s midnight at the time i wrote this), but i just had to do this! if you’re still wondering why i did this post, it’s because you lot always make each other and me so happy. we are always there to support each other, like we are the literal definition of PICK SOMEONE SUPPORTIVE! and i may have not picked you guys, but I’m sure as hell glad fate picked us to be together…!

Do you have a ton of Grand Company/Allied/Centurio seals burning holes in your pockets?

Here are my Stormblood prep suggestions:

Grand Company

Company-issue Engineering & Survival Manuals - EXP boost for crafting/gathering classes. 1440 seals for basic, 2300 seals for Tier II

Allied & Centurio Seals

Aetheryte Ticket - No sense wasting gil teleporting (and you know how these quests are, we’re probably going to do a lot of it). Yoshi P also said that aetheryte travel to and from Othard would probably be expensive. 5 seals each (both currencies)

Griffin Hatchling - because Ala Mhigo. 400 Centurio seals (I’m sort of joking but if you don’t have it yet, it’s really really cute)

They’re probably adding GC weapons for Samurai and Red Mage, so if you want to jump on that glamour asap you may want to keep some of those seals on hand. 

things I learnt at the ATL/Good Charlotte Gig:

1- Alex has massive nipples

2- Benji Madden is Jack’s dad

3- Benji & Rian are both models for men’s sleepwear

4- Jack has tiny nipples

5- Jack loves Biebs

6- Jack ships Rilex & wants them to 69

7- Joel can freestyle about ATL

8- it’s not the meat of the taco it’s the stuff on top

9- Jack wants to pour his ‘white cream’ over the top of a taco bc apparently that’s how he was made?

10- Zack knows how to play ‘Don’t You Want Me’ for some reason.

11- Zack likes to sit at home and learn 80’s songs