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yugyeom & bambam discuss the 97line gc

  • info from a recent radio broadcast, trans credit to shmesm
  • Yugyeom and BamBam said that Mingyu talks the most in the 97 chat group while Jaehyun talks the least…he has trouble keeping up lol 
  • Yugyeom & Jungkook were first friends. JK met 17 during MAMA. YG & JK added BamBam & 17 to the group. DK added Jaehyun (they went to school together)
  • YugBam said when 97 line meets, they eat meat, go bowling, noraebang, Jungkook is best at bowling (of course), DK & JK sing most at noraebang
  • introducing SEVENTEEN’s song for the 97-idols, BamBam: “…very loud Mingyu, The8, and Dokyeom” omg if even loud BamBam says Mingyu is loud.. 
[voltron] the typical old married couple life

lance : darling , please give me the hair dryer .

keith : *hands lance a gun while lance isn’t looking*


hippo campus pictures as ads (thank u @ the bippo cambus gc for making me laugh at the idea of nathan as a model. and then this happened.)

featuring Levi’s (Go Forth campaign), Converse (Shoes Are Boring Wear Sneakers campaign), Urban Outfitters and Abercrombie & Fitch

don’t delete caption please!

dragonsandmechsuits  asked:

Selina has the GCS at the manor to hang and drink wine and just like the general chaos that ensues because the ENTIRE FUCKIN BATFAMILY IS HOME.

She honestly just chills there to watch in amusement at the chaos that ensues because watching Bruce slowly lose his cool over what his kids decide to do (swing on the chandelier, get in a fistfight that then ends up with one or more kids through a window, arm wrestling) is something that she finds immense joy from. Plus she finds it endlessly amusing when she knows more about Bruce’s kids than he does (“So Damian should have fun on that school trip to the museum next Tuesday, he’s really looking forward to the Ancient Weapons Exhibit, even if Gerald from his math class is going to be there” “Museum trip? Gerald? What are you talking about?” “Oh, Damian didn’t tell you?”) and she just has the snuggest grin the whole time. The other Sirens just watch in abject horror as they watch the shitshow that is the family and are just glad that when they all work together they aren’t this dysfunctional. There’s a lot of laughing because while it’s terrifying thinking that these people are in charge of keeping others safe, the family gets into a lot of trouble and it’s great watching them argue over the stupidest things (like which Jedi is the best, or if Batman could beat Spider-Man or something after they watched Civil War. Something really geeky) and the whole evening is just very amusing


anonymous asked:

Is e+ better than acgc?

Subjective but it’s basically Animal Crossing GC with more added features

  • new villagers and islanders
  • you can move in who you want into town and island with e-reader cards
  • villagers can get sick and need medicine
  • villagers can ask to get a wrapped gift or letter delivered, which can be opened
  • you can eavesdrop 2 villagers having a conversation
  • you can become best friends with a villager and they do an animation like waving or look happy when they see you 
  • different best friends will get you the vocal version of each K.K. song
  • 3 new K.K. airchecks
  • town decorations (basically pwp)
  • new fish and insects
  • you can unlock the island after house expansions and each player gets their own
  • you can visit Resetti at the reset center hidden under a rock
  • you can open Nook’s store after hours by banging on the door
  • K.K. Slider will do a special performance on your birthday
  • added sd card feature for screenshots and save data
  • you can download gba minigames
  • you can carry a flower in your hand
  • jacob’s ladder is added and grow on cliff edges when town is perfect
  • some of the japanese styled furniture that is not in AC is readded
  • a few new furniture
  • party poppers are added
  • a bunch of stuff that’s in western AC like added holidays and items are kept
  • during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years villagers wear hats
things I learnt at the ATL/Good Charlotte Gig:

1- Alex has massive nipples

2- Benji Madden is Jack’s dad

3- Benji & Rian are both models for men’s sleepwear

4- Jack has tiny nipples

5- Jack loves Biebs

6- Jack ships Rilex & wants them to 69

7- Joel can freestyle about ATL

8- it’s not the meat of the taco it’s the stuff on top

9- Jack wants to pour his ‘white cream’ over the top of a taco bc apparently that’s how he was made?

10- Zack knows how to play ‘Don’t You Want Me’ for some reason.

11- Zack likes to sit at home and learn 80’s songs

embracinglarry  asked:

omg so you and your girlfriend are EXACTLY what I'm longing for. plz plz PLZ explain how you met and just go all out because I'm so HAPPY FOR YOU AND HOW DO I FIND WHAT YOU HAVE FOUND

omg okay so her nd i met on here, like i remember i tagged her in a post ab how i have notifications turned on for her bc i love her blog, nd she messaged me nd i was like so excited bc she was one of the first 1d blogs i talked to and go to know. And so we started talking and ended up getting rly close nd stuff. I met her friend bella ( @rosebhd) nd we started talking to nd so bella nd becca nd i like we created this gc nd added people (aka the pure gc ilu guys) nd i remember the gc thought me nd her were dating (flashback a week or so before the gc was made i told my friend lauren @hatefuckz that i had a crush on becca but didnt know if becca liked me back) nd i remember like i think i sent becca an anon saying how i had a crush on her nd she told me ab it but i literally never told her it was me til after we were dating. but anyways back to the gc thing, yeah so the gc thought we were dating nd i remember we messaged each other nd talked ab it, nd like we both kinda agreed we wouldn’t mind lile dating, like we were kinda hesitant bc like, i was starting school soon nd so was she and its a long distance relationship so, but we agreed to date nd see how it goes!! nd now we’ve been together for about 3 months (4 bc i keep counting july) we got together at the end of july!
im very happy with her nd im really happy that like we both told each other that we liked each other.
And i think you just know when you find someome you love very much, nd you can trust them easily, and just feel so loved when they are around and you guys are talking, it just feels easy and it doesn’t feel forced.