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Don't know if you have answered this before but I tried playing TS4 on my laptop and I could never get past CAS everything freezes. I saw that you bought yourself a PC not too long ago. I'm looking into buying a desktop that can handle it, do you have any tips on what I could look for in a desktop pc?

That sounds like a CC error. 
I’m not really a TECH guru. 
I hear MACS are pretty decent rigs but people don’t make a lot of Apple/MAC friendly things so they add Windows to their MACS….(I don’t know..)Hahaa

Before buying my RIG I googled, read/watched reviews on a lot of different; affordable gaming Rigs/PC’s that had room for upgrades…..I ended up buying This one (Only because I had it saved as a bookmark. I’m pretty sure there are better options) and upgrading the Power supply, the Ram, and the GC. I plan on adding another Internal Hard drive, and installing another fan. That PC I mentioned comes with two cooling fans already, and room to add more….Now I’m getting too “Nerdy” Hahaha….

If you have the money you can just build your own PC; Check Here for details on that, or buy a better prebuilt RIG. ALWAYS look at reviews before purchasing anything. Study as much as you can until you’re are comfortable with the Pros/Cons. 

**Back to your main question: In a gaming desktop(I assume you mean gaming) you want a good Power Supply(not some poorly mad PS. They do lie about PS voltage, ECT. Some can die on you if it can’t handle your PC), a decent GC(graphics card); something ranging from 700-1000+, 8GBs of Ram(or more), a good core processor(most people like Intel), at least 1TB RPM HD(Hard drive), and a good motherboard. If you don’t understand any of this; like I said before, REVIEW, REVIEW, REVIEW! 

things I learnt at the ATL/Good Charlotte Gig:

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10- Zack knows how to play ‘Don’t You Want Me’ for some reason.

11- Zack likes to sit at home and learn 80’s songs