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Favorite songs medley
  • Favorite songs medley
  • ohhhhcalumity

29 songs, 13 artists. This is based on that medley I posted a while back. I got a lot of positive feedback on it here, as well as on YouTube, so I decided to finally record it “for real” (with more than just my acoustic guitar to back me). Now that I’m calling it my “favorite songs medley” I’ve added a few more songs, so sorry if it sounds too overwhelming - I just couldn’t leave some of these out!

Please understand that I do not in any way consider myself to be even a decent drummer or guitarist, so I apologize for the simplicity of the chords and the beat and for my many tempo issues throughout the song (I couldn’t use a metronome when I was drumming, since the tempo changes at various points). I’m also sorry about Long Way Home…I seriously overestimated how high I could belt.

OTHER THAN THAT, I AM VERY PROUD OF WHAT I’VE DONE (especially the arrangement itself), so please reblog/share if you like what you hear!

Social Casualty 5 Seconds of Summer (5sos-official​)

The Anthem Good Charlotte

  • Social Casualty
  • She Looks So Perfect 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Rejects 5 Seconds of Summer

First Date Blink-182

  • Disconnected 5 Seconds of Summer
  • All The Small Things Blink-182
  • 18 5 Seconds of Summer

Six Feet Under The Stars All Time Low

  • Somewhere In Neverland All Time Low
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In All Time Low
  • Nine In The Afternoon Panic! At The Disco
  • Weightless All Time Low

Long Way Home 5 Seconds of Summer

  • Give Me Novacaine Green Day GET IT???? ‘GREEN DAY’S ON THE RADIO’
  • Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down Fall Out Boy
  • Dear Maria, Count Me In
  • Check Yes, Juliet We The Kings
  • Voodoo Doll 5 Seconds of Summer
  • 1985 Bowling for Soup
  • Welcome to My Life Simple Plan

Holiday Green Day

  • Social Casualty
  • The Anthem
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams Green Day

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  • Ocean Avenue Yellowcard
  • Weightless
  • Therapy All Time Low
  • Something’s Gotta Give All Time Low

For Baltimore All Time Low

  • Teenage Dirtbag Wheatus
  • Disconnected
  • I Miss You Blink-182
  • Slow Me Down 3PM (3pmofficialmusic​)