can we stop saying “cishet men” when we talk about misogyny lesbophobia and transmisogyny lol gay bi and trans men are every bit as guilty of perpetuating these things and misogyny lesbophobia and transmisogyny isnt less serious or damaging when it comes from a gbt man

things lesbians are not obligated to do:
- be open to men
- be “fluid”
- care about men
- censor their disliking of men to make men and nonlesbians feel comfortable
- care about m/w relationships
- allow nonlesbians into lesbian specific spaces on the basis of them being “queer”
- politely correct people who appropriate lesbian terms and experiences
- allow nonlesbians to appropriate lesbian terms to make them happy
- put any special emphasis on nonlesbian identities in their social justice
- put special effort towards achieving “solidarity” with nonlesbians
- stop connecting to lesbian identity and other lesbians because it makes nonlesbians uncomfortable or makes other gbt people feel “left out”
- ignore the specific history behind being a lesbian and assimilate into the amalgamated “queer community”
terfs dont rb

Happy Pride Month to all the amazing GBT+ men and boys! 🏳️‍🌈

To the feminine boys
The masculine boys
The closeted boys
The out boys
The boys with supportive family
The boys without supportive family
The boys who are sure of their identity
The boys who are still questioning
The boys with boyfriends
The boys with girlfriends
The single boys
The pre-T boys

To every boy who is gay, bi, trans, ace, aro, NB, pan, poly or questioning - I hope you have an amazing Pride Month! ❤️💛💚💙💜