Anyone can wear a necktie, some are even sure enough to bow up, but when it comes to the ascot, whether it’s the foppish nature or the lack of confidence, few if any are able to understand the sporty covering that helps to camouflage the neckline. Even the bad boy from Horry County South Cackilacky knows how to keep the Don Johnson, B.A. Barracus at bay as he sports his cravat in true 80g2 style at The Boyer book signing recently. And as G. Bruce notes,“ this style of neckwear is the one form of adornment that never changes: the same proportions, the same fine silks, even the same classic designs~ paisleys, polka dots, geometric prints- so you only buy a new one simply for color’s sake. Thus, there is no reason to presume the ascot will ever leave the world of style.”