During one of my macroeconomics exams a couple years ago, one of the questions was written in pounds (GBP) and I heard someone sitting a row or two behind me say “good boy points” and I’ve been trying to find them on campus and become friends with them ever since

MOON PRIDE (Game ver.)
MOON PRIDE (Game ver.)

MOON PRIDE (Game ver.)


丸山彩 (Aya Maruyama) | CV: 前島亜美 (Ami Maeshima)

大和麻弥 (Maya Yamato) | CV: 中上育実 (Ikumi Nakagami)

若宮イヴ (Eve Wakamiya) | CV: 秦佐和子 (Sawako Hata)

氷川日菜 (Hina Hikawa) | CV: 小澤亜李 (Ari Ozawa)

白鷺千聖 (Chisato Shirasagi) | CV: 上坂すみれ (Sumire Uesaka)


I was in Japan on the day Brexit happened. We were at a garden with koi where we were commenting on how the giant koi must’ve been worth a fortune. Some British guy chimed in and said “All you need to feed them is some of my British sterling.” It was funny because relative to the time the UK broke from the Union, the British pound took a hard nosedive. So America’s my family having a laugh.

ハッピーサマーウェディング PREVIEW
ハッピーサマーウェディング PREVIEW

Happy Summer Wedding PREVIEW

Hello, Happy World!

弦巻こころ (Kokoro Tsurumaki) | CV: 伊藤美来 (Miku Itou)

瀨田薫 (Kaoru Seta) | CV: 田所あずさ (Azusa Tadokoro)

北沢はぐみ (Hagumi Kitazawa) | CV: 吉田有里 (Yuri Yoshida)

ミッシェル (Michelle) | CV: 黒沢ともよ (Tomoyo Kurosawa)

松原花音 (Kanon Matsubara) | CV: 豊田萌絵 (Moe Toyota)

Friendly reminder that Grell uses a Chanel agenda,

Rudgar wears a A. Lange & Söhne wrist watch.

(( ca. 317K EUR / 337K USD / 265K GBP ))

and Ronald wears a Cartier Pasha wrist watch.

(( 2.6K EUR / 2.8K USD / 2.2K GBP ))

“Shinigami” in Kuro-verse seems to be a pretty lucrative job :)


A fan wonders how much the salary of a shinigami is and K-san smoothly avoids that question lol.


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hey so i’ve totally been ghosting on this account but important point i need to make real quick:

if you’re involved in drag (whether you’re a cis mlm or a trans mlm, because a huge part of drag culture is gbp men) it’s on you to:

  1. not perpetuate racism in the drag community (blackface, racist caricatures, etc)
  2. not perpetuate transmisogyny in the drag community (using slurs, calling yourself a “tr*p”, “clocking” trans women or commenting on their ability to conform to a cisnormative society by “passing”)
  3. hold your peers in the drag community responsible for their actions. if your friend’s being racist or transmisogynistic, you absolutely 100% should call them out on it if you’re physically safe/mentally able. 

no, being scared of upsetting your friend is not a legitimate reason to not do so, because trans women and poc are being actively hurt by transmisogyny and racism (or the intersections thereof) in current drag culture.

 i get you might be scared, but it’s your responsibility as you’re in a place of privilege to protect trans women, people of color, and especially trans women of color

drag queens and drag culture has, in the past, been a huge part of the lgbt movement, and a huge way for people to defy gender norms, or for trans women to comfortably experiment with femininity, but drag culture nowadays is turning into a fucking shithole

 if you’re involved with drag and it makes you happy, hell yeah, go for it!!!

however, it is your responsibility to actively be anti-racist and anti-transmisogynistic in your drag, and to educate others who may be incorporating racist or transphobic elements into their performance. 

drag should be fun and safe for everybody. please do the best you can to transform drag culture back into the fun, great, radical thing it should be and has been in the past

Boys with DID/OSDD are absolutely valid and their trauma isn’t “lesser” for any reason

Just because society tells you to ignore your problems and forces you to be silent about it doesn’t mean your voice as a mentally ill person doesn’t deserve to be heard. Toxic masculinity is a horrible thing and you’re not bad or weak for opening up about your disorder. You’re not dangerous or wrong or a bad person for identifying as male or being male-aligned. Abusers come in all forms and anyone can fall victim to them.

This goes doubly for PoC, disabled, trans and gbp men

actually no it’s not don’t ask mlm about who tops and who bottoms, it’s don’t talk about it AT ALL. discussing who tops and who bottoms is not okay and fandom always reverts to stereotypes and it’s fucking gross. not to mention for the majority of gbp guys that is NOT how our experience works so just stop doing it and especially don’t bring that shit near us because we’re tired

just do not come near us at all if you’re going to try and tell us you have a preference for reading a sexual experience you do not take part in. this is not your experience and i don’t care about your preferences