He'll Never Put Me Behind

When your ability to speak in Mandarin, the one you believe is the most reliable out of other abilities, now is not functioning… It breaks my heart everytime I open my mouth and try to explain something in Mandarin because
it turns really bad. It’s a big mess. Even if I know the words and the grammar, somehow my brain stops and I can’t think of anything. It just stops. And then I stop saying things. It’s frustating. I mean like, really frustating.

The only one thing which makes me stand still and still keep on going is that I know God will never put me behind. He put me here, gave me this chance, so I must keep going matter how hard the condition is. He put me here for he knows I can manage to get through this.

Wish me luck.

Bored with Boards Yet?

The scandalous case of Dr. George Macris and the Guam Board of Medical Examiners encapsulates en toto the systemic collapse of critical government services because of noncompliance, misfeasance and malfeasance by government and elected officials.

Disproportionately, individual members of regulatory and agency Boards exercise a degree of internal independence that has resulted in a level of corruption and inept mismanagement bordering on racketeering.

Dr. Macris who no lives and practices in Hawai'i was criminally harassed and libeled. Repeatedly slandered and put through that local wringer many residents are far to familiar with. The protected medical fiefdom of the GBME members remains in tact.

Observing the shenanigans over at the GBME reminds of one more symptom of decaying justice for island residents; a lack of fairness in the public and professional workplace. This corrupting influence permeates the government in key, critical areas and has an effect that extend far outside the local justice system.

The economic impact of perceived corruption in the judicial system is indisputable as investors will be wary to come to a place where balanced administrative and governmental justice is not assured.

In the Macris/GMBE case, the doctor’s appeal was unexpectedly transferred to a judge who just happened to have a familial relationship to then-governor Felix Camacho.

The judge’s first day on the bench of hearing the Macris appeal, acknowledged numerous violations of the process with GBME. GBME gathered in court only to hear the judge recommend to Macris that he seek a  “de novo” hearing.

The GBME scandal was summarily swept under the rug as quickly as possible.

Peer Review reform, judicial reform and the matter of professional licensing are in need of urgent interventions on Guam. Not only  for patient safety, and for providers, and the fate of their careers, but also for solid economic principles behind development of the island.