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Y sabemos que todo cambia, pero seremos extraños si dejamos que esto se termine.
—  One - Ed Sheeran

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I’ll See You There💋Harry Styles💋Part 7

Harry’s P.O.V

I bended her over the table and kissed her slowly making her beg for more, she started rubbing her ass against me once more and I spanked her just to hear her moan. I went down and coming into shock she had no panties under her dress and spanked her again, “You like getting spanked don’t you,” she moaned. Her moaning is making me so hard, she turned around and put her hand on my bulge, “You want me to help you with that?” She said while smirking.

Y/N’s P.O.V

He looked at me with dark eyes full of lust that made me, even more, wet, I didn’t have time to think when I felt Harry’s large hands spun me around and bend me over the table. I could feel him staring at my ass, so I wiggled it a little, “Please..” Begging for him to touch me. He lifted up my dress then spanked me, “No panties tonight, naughty girl.” He smirked and spanked me again, he got down on his knees and flicked my clit with his finger and watched me hiss. 

Harry’s P.O.V 

I smirked, she was so wet which made me harder. I inserted a finger and went slow and I could tell she wanted to fuck her but first I took out my finger then flicked my tongue on her clit while she arched her back. I went back and forward swirling my tongue around her clit and down, hearing her moan my name to shock her I gently bit her clit, “Ohh fuck," I was about to continue but she grabbed my hand and spun around and kissed me, "Now it’s your turn,” and touched my bulge I hissed. She kissed me while unbuttoning my shirt.