^ yup. All truth.

Long Live Fredo Santana.

I may not talk much about it on social media, but if you know me then you know that Glo Gang/GBE = my family for real and Tadoe is my little brother. Before the music. Before everything.

I’ll never forget the early days when he would bring Keef music and the gang around, or the times he would have me listen to their music before they took over the city. They were kids. We would be about 15 deep at times, family and friends, watching videos on the computer or playing video games all night. Roast sessions and all. Everyone grew up and lately, the only times we’ve bonded much seems to be over a passing. “I love you, bro. “I love you, too. Tell mama I love her.” Far too many passings.

And this one hurts a bit more.

Fredo was someone that, no matter what others thought of him or the perception of him, refused to be denied. Regardless of your opinions on his music or personal issues, he always did his own thing as an individual thinker.

I see time and time again, some of the same people (artists/fans) that were “afraid” to be around him because of street reputation, are the same ones saying, “he surprised me. He’s actually a really decent guy.”

He was a father, a leader, a visionary, and a lot of your favorite rappers/entertainers looked up to him or felt like it gave them “clout” or cred to be around him. Rightfully so. He was that kind of guy to many. His influence was evident.

In closing, Chicago is the third most populated city in America and some neighborhoods/environments are really nice, but where we were all raised at in Chicago (south side/west side) are not places that most people make it out of and move to nice neighborhoods in Los Angeles for a better living. We all made that move.

And if you don’t know what it’s like to come from nothing but poverty, drugs, violence, low resources and limited opportunity for education, then you probably shouldn’t speak too critically on it unless it’s constructive or conducive.

Some of us found substantial success and change of lifestyle, while some of us are still trying to get there. Fredo accomplished this. While flawed and imperfect with vices like the rest of us humans, he continuously showed admirable signs of maturation and strides to improve himself in recent years. I began to look at him as someone that would help ignite change or free thinking. I believed it 100% and still do. I just didn’t expect it to be this way. Not Fredo.

RIP Fredo Santana. 👑

Fredo in the cut. That’s a scary sight. Forever.

A Real Legend.