I think it's going to rain. The clouds are moving.

There’s a beetle crawling up my arm. It’s black, but shiny black. Not really black black. I bet there are lot of other beetles in the grass, but I can’t see them. They’re probably black too.

Isn’t it weird to think about this entire civilization of insects living underneath the ground? They have whole lives in the dirt.

I wonder if beetles can fall in love. 

It's been so quiet around the house today.

I was checking the news sites, and there’s still nothing about the names of the people who got caught in the fire. I hope Marley everyone is okay.

I’m just packing, I’m going on a little holiday back to France… not sure how long for. Just need a break and a chance to see my friends.

If anyone sees Cooper, tell him… I’ll see him when I get back.