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Im trying to ignore the fact that theres gonna be a rush of koreaboos becuz ew,,,and theres probs gonna be stupif racist comments but im staying on the bright side and supporting our beautiful boys!!!

THATS D SPIRIT !!!! OUR KINGS GON LOOK SO FKN GOOD N JUST B LITERAL KINGS ON STAGE N BLIND PPL !!!!!! IM SO PROUD OF THEM FR,,,,,,, FIRST KPOP GROUP LIKE,,,, WHO DOES DET ?? TONGUE EMOJI !! KINGS ONLY !!! WHO B*GBANG N E*O ????? IDK DEM !!!!! highkey need shinee to go to d bbmas too,,,, kings of kpop fr..

since i’ve had this blog for over a year now and i recently hit 8k, i decided to do my third follow forever. i’m pretty bad at writing messages so i’m gonna keep this short, but thank you all for making tumblr so much fun and making me enjoy being a vip, and thank you so much for following me and reblogging my stuff bc it really means a lot that people actually like what i make.

this is a list of my favorite blogs. thank you all so much ♥

bigbangersball orange-unnie asdfghjiyong memoriestomelodies soojoo youngbaaes minjv okjiyong gzbrin gzbae topshouldstop sughyun s-uhyun gkachu xxxloveee yg-drag daeseungie jiclass ibkwonzz jitaewon strongbaeri taeyangspecs officialyanghyunsuk seungriseyno ohseungri nocqout no-8 prince-ji shovelqueen killergzb zuttur youngbae gdybx bibgang ibmariji seunrig taeuang big-bangtans ohseunghyuns seungris b-gbang topford g-t-o-p gdae-hyong panda-smack jiyongaf jiyongkun @sexy-tabi @bigbanghoe @jiyongpng @seugnri

also sorry if i forgot anyone