I’ve noticed that my two most recent posts from others on my facebook wall are mockeries of misogynism. Both of which were specific to a woman’s place being strictly in the kitchen. I don’t want to come off as a prick, so I’d like to just swiftly explain my beliefs on this in a few short breaths.

  1. Women are typically more adept in the kitchen than men. Unless the man has just spent much time in the culinary. This is a rarity, so it is normally safe to assume that the woman is naturally more kitchen inclined than the average man. Also, food just tastes great when a beautiful woman prepares it. Especially when it’s a sliced tomato laid on a leaf of lettuce all while being covered by bacon between two slices of bread. That is the fastest way to my heart. The fastest.
  2. I think bullet 1 really explained it. Must I continue?
  3. Toasted sourdough
  4. A little bit of butter, but not much
  5. Thick cut apple smoked bacon
  6. Large slice of tomato
  7. Bacon
  8. Fresh crisp lettuce
  9. More bacon
  10. Fried egg
  11. One last slice of bacon
  12. A creamy layer of cream cheese
  13. Another slice of toasted sourdough
  14. I just made a bullet BLT
  15. That sounds wonderful