gb things


The “Tutorial” mode in Overwatch takes place somewhere in Watchpoint: Gibraltar - you can see “WP-GB” on different things, as well as the ocean/sea near the end.  An Aurora ship is ready in the docking bay.

In the shooting range, you can find Pharah’s rocket launcher, Tracer’s pistols, and Winston’s cannon, which are some sweet little details.

This is different from the Practice Range, which is pretty frozen and desolate aside from the training bots.  The Practice Range is nearly identical to the “Training Facility” in the Swiss Base (in the Uprising comic), but whether that implies that the Practice Range IS part of the Swiss Base, or if all the training facilities are effectively the same at every Watchpoint, we don’t know.


Despite the few hiccups going on, I thought i would spread some love on my fav part of @gibslythe fic!
I literally fell in love with these two falling in love, anyways. here’s some gross klance dances <3

Hah, so I got an e-mail reminding me that I have “unlimited storage” as part of my university account, and after the Great Hard Drive Failure Disaster I am all about backing stuff up multiple times, so I figured, hey, why not? Turns out “unlimited storage” still means “our cheerful and image-heavy user interface will weep when you try to feed it several million small files.”