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Panoramic view from the Calton Hill

PSA: everyone go and see Ghostbusters (2016)

1) to show support for representation and female empowerment in Hollywood
2) to give opportunities to more women to play badass roles in movies
3) so that more little girls/boys feel represented within the media
4) the cast are amazingly talented, funny people that have made a brilliant film
5) to make the haters shit themselves x

WELL THAT’S IT KIDS. THE UK IS DOOMED. (feat. economic instability for the rest y’all too)

IT’S THE BREXIT POST. In case any of you pals missed the news, Britain has just voted to leave the European Union, and Eleanor explains why we are all, therefore, doomed:

- Stock markets have crashed.  £124 BILLION wiped off UK companies in just 10 minutes after Brexit was announced.   The FTSE 100 stock market index [Eleanor translation: basically a measuring system monitoring our economy based on the top 100 blue-chip companies in the London Stock Exchange] initially dropped 8%, has recovered to 5% but this is still a huge amount. (x, x, x)

-  The pound has hit its lowest level in 31 years.  It has dropped below $1.35 against the US dollar, completely obliterating our steady gains of the previous several years. ie. Just look at these exchange-rate graphs m8. (x)

- David Cameron has resigned, after promising he wouldn’t live on BBC Breakfast to us just yesterday.  I mean let’s be real, he’s the one that landed us in this whole mess - promising the referendum to sway eurosceptic UKIP voters towards Conservatives and keep himself in power. And now effectively he’s running away and leaving us all in the shit. (x)


- Trump is coming into the country later today to endorse the Brexit decision.  I mean, that’s not particularly an effect on our global political economic situation. But UMMM Donald Trump??? (x)

- We may have screwed up the rest of the world’s economy as well.  
The Nikkei 225 index [Eleanor translation: like the FTSE 100 index, but for Japan with their 225 top blue-chip companies in Tokyo. Other indexes are appearing in this next bit - please note they are all similar things.] has so far crashed more than 8%, easily its worst one-day fall since the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami in 2011.” WHOOPS. Additionally, the Yen is still rising in value - not good for Japan’s heavily export based economy. | China’s Shanghai composite is down a more gentle 1%, which still isn’t good but is actually still within normal flexibility. UM. |  The German index flopped 10 percent, which would be its biggest one-day decline ever, and France’s index fell about 7 percent. SHITTT SORRY GUYS. |  South Korea’s Kospi index sank 3.1 percent to 1,925.24, its biggest fall in four years. ABOUT THAT. |  Stocks in Taiwan, Sydney, Mumbai and Southeast Asian countries have dropped slightly lower too. YUP OK OUR BAD. | Ireland could experience a price-shock plus long-term trade suffering, and it could increase the price of their borrowing. UH OH. | ALSO USA YOU CAN’T ESCAPE THIS SHITSTORM TOO. Dow Jones’ Industrial Average has plummeted more than 400 points. OH DEAR. |  (x, x, x, x, x)

- Oh yeah, Putin’s pretty happy about it too.  I mean, I guess this is also not particularly an effect on our global political economic situation. But URGHHH actual Putin??? (x)

- Scotland may demand a second referendum.  While personally I believe that the UK’s economy is stronger if we are one whole nation, it is very likely that the SNP will ask for another referendum to see if the Scottish people want to remain with the UK or become a separate country.  And honestly I don’t blame them.  Given that Scotland and Nothern Ireland were the heaviest in leaning towards Bremain, Scotland could easily separate as a nation and rejoin the EU and potentially have a stronger economy - and they’ll probably win this time tbh - which could lead to the end of the UK as we know it.  Honestly, I’m torn here between “more power to them” and “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE WE WILL ACTUALLY DIE WITHOUT YOU”. (x)

- It could lead to the collapse of the EU.  Right-wing parties in both the France and the Netherlands are demanding their own referendums for Frexit and Nexit, though it isn’t clear as of yet how much support these parties have we could be looking at two pillars of the EU wanting a withdrawal. (x)

- Travelling just got far more expensive. But hey that’s FIIIINE.  Like who wants to see the world, right?

- Our banks are SCREWED.  Housebuilder Taylor Wimpey was down 21% , and Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland were each shedding roughly 20%. Lloyds has also tanked.  Not only that, but they know they’re fucked. The Bank of England have pledged £250 billion to help this “period of uncertainty and adjustment”. YEAH. THEY SAID THAT. (x, x)

- Guess whose back? Back again? The recession’s back! Tell a friend. “Recent signs have pointed to a UK economic slowdown, and the possible consequences of Brexit may include a spike in inflation, a rise in unemployment and even a recession. The Bank of England potentially faces what Mr Carney has described as a “challenging trade off” between supporting growth and employment and stabilising inflation.”  George Osborne’s calling it “The world’s first DIY recession.” #TBT TO 2008 WHEN WE ALL ENDED UP UNEMPLOYED AMIRITE (x, x, x)

- Also Nigel Farrage just admitted the country has no power whatsoever to give that £350 million we saved from the EU  directly to the NHS. So essentially 17 million people may have voted Leave based on a bed of lies.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (x)

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td;lr The world is headed into a short-term rocky patch of economic instability, and the UK is running head first into an apocalyptic style period of long-term crisis due to #Brexit.  It’s time to pack your bags kids.  I hear Canada’s weather is good at this time of year.