even if you don’t watch two best friends please watch this it’s so worth it

Looking ahead to the possibility that gas masks may some day be a necessary part of their ensemble, these University of Detroit students were trying out masks in a practice drill on the campus on June 23, 1942. Hidden behind the masks, which they soon learned to wear with a minimum of discomfort, are, from left: Mary Turner, Helen Williams, Evelyn Buss and Joan Joliet. FS/AP

Happy #ALAAC17!! Keep an eye out for our wonderful volunteer photographers!
Shaundra and Emily will be photographing stylish folks throughout the conference! If they ask to take your picture and you agree, please keep in mind that they will need the usual LW info from you: your position title or student/other status, type of library/institution where you work (if applicable), and where you’re from (#metadata).

Shaundra Walker, Interim Library Director at an academic library in Georgia

Emily Wagner, Information Manager, ALA, at the Washington Office