Three goats, three skeles, coincidence? i think NOT

I dunno. I really love the Dreemurr family, and I really love skelefam, including Gaster, so I decided to make best friend teams. (or shippy teams I guess when it comes to soriel and kingdings lol)

Please don’t tag as kin or an au, and please don’t tag as shippy stuff for Papyrus and Asriel. Asriel’s a wee one in this. an innocent babum. go hog wild for soriel and kingdings tho, have at it.

So my phone is broken

I was driving home from the gym yesterday while using my GPS and the Map app just glitched wildly and my entire phone screen turned black

It has been almost a day since then and it still hasn’t turned back on or shown any activity and I had put it on the charger just in case

I’m scared that if I go to show my phone network that my phone just randomly shut off and won’t turn back on and that it wasn’t my fault (which it wasn’t) they might think that it WAS my fault because my phone has a huge crack on the screen that was definitely my fault but that happened like 4 months ago and only affected the screen

I don’t have the money to replace this thing and I’m already suffering because I rely on my phone as not only my primary way of accessing Tumblr, fanfiction, my email, and keeping me in contact with my job but also I use it as my alarm clock so I had no way of waking up this morning to leave for my 8 AM class and I had to have my mom wake me up at 6:45

I don’t know what to do
Liberal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna's Twitter mentions are a total disaster right now
A lot of angry tweets are being sent to @cathmckenna after the Liberal government approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project.

Not a good day to check the tweets being sent to @cathmckenna.

On Tuesday, the Liberal government approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project in British Columbia, a move that might be of some assistance to BC Premier Christy Clark as an election looms on the horizon.

The controversial project involves fracking for natural gas in northern BC and building a pipeline to an export terminal to the Pacific coast.

First Nations leaders say the government hasn’t consulted impacted communities, while environmental groups say the project will be “one of the largest carbon polluters in the country.”

Despite these criticisms, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna claimed the Liberal government’s decision to approve the LNG project was guided by “science” and the “traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples.”

Let’s check-in and see how people are reacting to that:

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