When homemade goes fancy: Jasmine-style Gazpacho with Red Quinoa Salsa

So this was the second course I served following the Causa and Tomato Chalaquita for my mother - another easy dish that can be done in a dash but can also be made the night before to be chilled in the fridge, ready for a party (or just a late-night easy dinner!). I adapted this dish to include secret ingredients which add a fiery dash to a cool, refreshing thick soup, and served with the crunchy and equally flavourful quinoa salad, it is absolutely perfect.

For the Jasmine-style Tomato Gazpacho: 1 Ripe Tomato/1 Red Pepper/ ½ Onion/ 2 small peeled Cucumbers/ 1 Jalapeño (or ½, if you can’t take spicy food)/ 1 Clove of Garlic/ 1 tsp Olive Oil/ 1 tsp Orange Juice/ 4 tsp Water/ salt to taste

For the Red Quinoa Salsa: 30g red quinoa/ 30g finely diced shallot/45g finely diced cherry tomato/ 30g finely diced cucumber/ soy sauce/ salt/ pepper/ 2 tsp lemon juice/ 2 tsp olive oil

For the Gazpacho:

  1. Peel the tomato and red pepper, by searing the tomato over a flame and plunging it in cold water and peeling, and grilling the red pepper and then soaking it in cold water and peeling. 
  2. Roughly chop the tomato, red pepper, onion, cucumber and garlic, and place the vegetables into the food processor. Add the rest of the ingredients but the water, and add the water 1 teespoon at a time until pureed. Chill in the fridge for at least an hour before serving. 

For the Red Quinoa Salsa:

  1. Cook the quinoa, and combine all the ingredients and mix the olive oil in last.